Just Dance 2022 review

Just Dance 2022 doesn't break new ground but remains as fun as ever

Ubisoft's annual dancing franchise is back with more songs and good times. The subscription service it wants you to buy is pretty annoying, though.
Aragami 2 review
Opinion: What exactly makes a good horror game scary?

Opinion: What exactly makes a good horror game scary?

Halloween is upon us, making it the perfect time for us to ponder what makes our favourite horror games tick.
Far Cry 6 review

Far Cry 6 feels very familiar but that might not be a bad thing

Ubisoft's latest open-world adventure is a fun but flawed chaos simulator. It's also more of the same.
King's Bounty 2 review

King's Bounty 2 sees the series awkwardly stumble in a new direction

King's Bounty 2 lets you explore a fantasy world, make your own choices and jump into turn-based combat.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits review

Kena: Bridge of Spirits fails to take risks but at least it's cute

Kena fights to protect her world against hostile forces with the help of her very cute furry friends. Easy peasy, right?
Sonic Colors: Ultimate review

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is a great gateway back into the platforming franchise

This platformer has Sonic and Tails work together to stop Dr. Eggman's fiendish schemes - but has its remaster aged well?
Death Stranding: Director's Cut review

Death Stranding: Director's Cut makes life much easier for new players

The PlayStation 5 version of Death Stranding comes with new missions, weapons and tools to help out with Sam's deliveries.
Life is Strange: True Colors review

Life is Strange: True Colors feels like a huge step forward for the franchise

True Colors presents interesting characters and meaningful choices wrapped in a memorable story. In many ways, it's the best Life is Strange game yet.
Boyfriend Dungeon review

Boyfriend Dungeon has sultry charms but this isn't a relationship built to last

In a world where your weapons can turn into hot people, what choice do you have but to date them?