Focal Stellia review

Focal Stellia headphone review: Stunning flagship closed-backs

Our review of the Focal Stellia - a pair of full-sized flagship closed-back headphones that can be taken out and be driven by your phone.
Sony MDR-1AM2 headphones review

Sony MDR-1AM2 review: Headphones with split personalities

Looking for a closed set of headphones for the dreary morning commute? These are worth checking out.
Fischer Audio FA-004 v2 review

Fischer Audio FA-004 v2 - Into the Great Wide Open

Sporting a closed-back acoustic design with non-swivelling ear cups, the portable circumaural FA-004 v2 headphones features a headband padded in synthetic leather for maximum comfort. We find out if it sounds as good as it looks.
Focal Spirit One review

Focal Spirit One - Good Audio, Great Discomfort

Employing aircraft-grade aluminium and 40mm mylar/titanium diaphragms is the Focal Spirit One, which is a lightweight closed-back circumaural headset that offers an in-line control pod with three buttons for controlling volume and playback. We find out if audiophiles will fancy this one.