Sony Bravia KDL-55HX855 3D TV review

Sony Bravia HX855 - Living On The Edge

Sony's latest premium Bravia release sits just under the existing HX925 flagship model. With the HX855's sleek Monolithic design and new Sony Entertainment Network platform, can this Dynamic Edge LED contender give the South Koreans something to think about? We find out.
Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX925 LCD TV review

Sony 55-inch BRAVIA HX925 - Top of its Game

We take some time off to assess Sony's flagship Bravia HX925 Full-HD 3D TV although it has been in the market for some time now. We present our findings which we're sure will please many. If only it was affordable too.
Sony Expands Entertainment Ecosystem with New Bravia TVs and NXT Phones

Sony Expands Entertainment Ecosystem with New Bravia TVs and NXT Phones

Sony has just shown first glimpses of their new line of Bravia televisions along with the the Xperia NXT smartphones. Along with their notebooks and tablets, Sony was keen to showcase the fact that content can be transferred and shared across all the various platforms with the help of DLNA.
Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX520 LCD TV review

Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX520 - LED the Right One In

Sony's latest Skype-ready BRAVIA will champion their new EX520 range, complete with edge-lit LEDs, a Full-HD panel and Internet suites. How will Sony's affordable HDTV stack up? Join us as we find out how the X-Reality powered panel measures up.
Sony's Latest Salvo - Inspiring Innovation

Sony's Latest Salvo - Inspiring Innovation

Sony revs up the new year with a fresh supply of CE products under their VAIO, Cyber-shot, Handycam and BRAVIA range. Checkout our article, as we bring you in-depth coverage on Sony's launch today centered around 3D and Internet connectivity from their Southeast Asia media conference.
Entering Sony's 3D World

Entering Sony's 3D World

Besides impressing the press with their 3D ecosystem, Sony also highlighted the presence of two 3D-ready BRAVIA models in the mix. Check out our event coverage if stereoscopic entertainment happens to be your thing.
Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX400 LCD TV review

Sony BRAVIA EX400 - The Mighty Excalibur

Sony is out to woo consumers with the BRAVIA EX400's affordable trademark, packaged with a Full-HD panel and handy features. We ran the LCD TV through the necessary hoops to determine if it's really a value for money buy.
A feature on Sony BRAVIA KDL-40NX800

Sony's BRAVIA Extravaganza

Rolling out an impressive suite of four new BRAVIA series in all, Sony is claiming pole-position with their announcement of a 3D-capable BRAVIA, the Full-HD LX900. Is it really out yet though? Hop on to find out more.