Oppo Find X5 Pro review

Oppo Find X5 Pro review: Is this S$1,699 flagship Android phone worth its price tag?

The Oppo Find X5 Pro has plenty to prove if it wants to make people part with their money and we think it might have what it takes to get our Editor's Choice stamp of approval.
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OnePlus 10 Pro review: A budget-friendly Find X5 Pro?

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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE review: Fan Edition again, but in a different sense

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Hands-on: Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a true successor to the Galaxy Note?

Hands-on: Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a true successor to the Galaxy Note?

The S Pen for the Galaxy S22 Ultra got plenty of upgrades, but the greatest perk is having the stylus’s storage slot is built into the device, while retaining its 5,000mAh battery capacity.