Aerocool Strike X Air review

Aerocool Strike-X Air - Exposed in its Entirety

The Aerocool Strike-X Air is hands down one of the most unique and visually exciting casings we have seen in a long time. But does it sacrifice looks for functionality? We find out.
Aerocool Touch-2100 review

First Looks: Aerocool Touch-2100 Fan Controller

The Aerocool Touch-2100 is funky-looking touch-enabled panel that you can install in your optical drive bays to control fan speeds and monitor your system's temperature. We find out if it is really as useful as it looks.
A Roundup of Interesting Casings from Computex 2012

A Roundup of Interesting Casings from Computex 2012

It's hardware and casings galore at Computex 2012 and here's a selection of new and interesting casings from Antec, Aerocool and CFI.
Computex 2011 Show Coverage - Part 4

Computex 2011 Show Coverage - Part 4

The fourth installment of our continuing Computex 2011 update covers a fair bit of interesting items like the next generation NVIDIA Tegra 3, AMD Trinity APU and many more. In total, this edition covers booths from AMD, NVIDIA, Akasa, Aerocool, Deep Cool, Leadtek, Lian Li and Lancool.
Aerocool Qx-2000 review

First Looks: Aerocool Qx-2000 mATX Casing

The Aerocool Qx-2000 mATX casing was designed specifically for gamers who want a powerful system in the smallest form factor possible.
Aerocool PGS Cyborg X review

Aerocool Cyborg X - Something For Gamers

The Aerocool Cyborg X is positioned as an affordable gaming casing for enthusiasts and gamers. We check it out to see if a cut-price casing also means mediocre features and reduced functionality.