Canon PowerShot S120 review

Canon PowerShot S120 - The Most Refined PowerShot Yet

Canon's S-series was one of the first few entries in the compact prosumer segment at a time when manufacturers were focusing on affordable DSLR cameras. So what does the latest model, the S120, bring to the table? Join us to find out how the S-series has evolved amid stiff competition.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 - An Advanced Compact for the Casual Shooter

The LF1 is Panasonic's newest advanced compact and has similarities to its LX7 counterpart. While the sensor inside the LF1 is the same size and type as that of the LX7, the LF1 sports a higher resolution. Other differences include a longer but slightly slower lens and an electronic viewfinder (EVF) - a rarity on small cameras. Along with a lower price, are these differences enough to make the LF1 stand out?
Fujifilm X20 review

Fujifilm X20 - Retro Good Looks

A successor to Fujifilm's X10 advanced compact camera, the X20 brings retro good looks coupled with improved AF speeds to the table. But will this combination be enough considering the slew of advanced compacts released within the last year? Hit the jump to find out.
Olympus XZ-10  review

Olympus XZ-10 - A Smaller and Better XZ-2?

The XZ-10 appears to be just a smaller version of the XZ-2. But is smaller necessarily a bad thing? It appears not; find out why in our review and if it's the ideal pocket advanced compact camera.
Olympus XZ-2 review

Olympus XZ-2 - A Worthy Successor

The Olympus XZ-2 is a successor to the popular XZ-1. With a better sensor, interchangeable grip and high-resolution tilting display, the XZ-2 is quite impressive on paper. But how will it fare against the slew of advanced compacts released late last year? Read on to find out.
Fujifilm XF1 review

Fujifilm XF1 - X Marks the Spot

Featuring a 25-100mm zoom with an aperture of F1.8 on the wide end, the XF1 is the only advanced compact to sport retro-licious rangefinder looks. But looks aside, is it a capable advanced compact? Join us as we find out the answer to this question.