Cool gaming gear and components we sighted at Computex 2018

Cool gaming gear and components we sighted at Computex 2018

Computex brings us some of the coolest updates in the personal computing space and we spotted several product advancements targetted at gamers and enthusiasts pushing new performance records. Here are all the cool gadgets and components we saw at Computex 2018!
A feature on WD My Passport SSD (1TB)
Memory Masters @ Computex 2017: ADATA, G.Skill and Team Group

Memory Masters @ Computex 2017: ADATA, G.Skill and Team Group

Riding on the hype from the Intel X299 motherboards launched at Computex, ADATA, G.Skill and Team Group showed off their renewed DDR4 memory modules portfolio among other flash memory related product updates.
A feature on ADATA SD700 (512GB)

Portable external SSD face-off: ADATA SD700 vs. Samsung T3

Samsung's T3 portable external SSD is one of the best that we have tested so far. Can ADATA's new SD700 surpass it? Read our review to find out!
A feature on Plextor M8Pe (512GB)

High-end PCIe SSD shootout: ADATA vs. Plextor vs. OCZ vs. Samsung

SSDs have never been faster, but if you are a performance junkie seeking the absolute best, which should you pick? We pit four of the newest, fastest SSDs in the market today to see who's the ultimate speed king.
ADATA XPG SX930 (240GB) review

ADATA XPG SX930 SSD: Will gamers bite the bait?

Targeted at gamers, the ADATA XPG SX930 is one of the first drives to use JMicron's new JMF670H controller. It also has something ADATA calls Enterprise-grade MLC NAND flash. What is it exactly and does the JMicron controller have the necessary chops to make it in this competitive space?
A feature on ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS (256GB)

ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS vs. Crucial M550 - Battle of the Mainstream SSDs Round 2

Two more mainstream SSDs have been launched recently, the Premier Pro SP920SS from ADATA and the M550 from Crucial. We put them to the test to see which is best and how it stacks up against other comparable drives in this tightly contested segment.
A feature on ADATA XPG SX900 SSD (256GB)

The Great High-end SSD Shootout

SSDs are the latest must-have components for users who are serious about performance. And with prices hitting record lows, there's no better to snap one up than now. To help you pick the right one, we tested 10 of the most popular SSDs from the biggest names around.