Xiaomi 13 Pro review

Xiaomi 13 Pro review: Gunning for premium with Leica's wind at its back

Huge imaging promises aside, is the Xiaomi 13 Pro a good smartphone? Would it also make a good premium smartphone too? Let’s find out.
A feature on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra review: Distilled excellence

Samsung is eager to start a new year on the right foot with the launch of its Galaxy S21 series phones much earlier than usual and we're happy to say these are excellent flagship phones from our testing.
Vivo X50 Pro review

Vivo X50 Pro review: Beyond mid-range, beyond gimbals

Does the built-in gimbal work better for photography, or is it just some feel-good gimmick? We dive in to figure out if it's worth the S$1,099 asking price.