Samsung 55-inch D8000 LED TV review

Samsung 55-inch D8000 LED TV - Top Notch HD

Jam packed with a long list of features such as Samsung's Smart Hub, 3D capabilities and micro dimming, the new high-end D8000 series promises to deliver the best possible performance. We test out the myriad of functions the TV puts at our disposal too see how much value they add to the overall experience.
LG Cinema 3D & Smart TV Launch - Third Dimension Justified

LG Cinema 3D & Smart TV Launch - Third Dimension Justified

LG Electronics unveiled a total of eleven new HDTV models today, including LED, LCD and Plasma models bearing Cinema 3D and Smart TV features. Do check out our coverage to find out more about the new passive 3D screens equipped with Internet capabilities.
Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-60LE925M 3D LED TV review

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 3D TV - Three Dimensional Four-play

Finally here in all its 60-inch glory, we devoted ourselves to the 3D Quattron for a few days to determine its stereoscopic worth. Amassing daunting new technologies such as Sharp's FRED and side scanning LED backlights, we were determined not to let the fluffy tech sway our impressions. Here's our report.
The 2011 Tech Reboot

The 2011 Tech Reboot

There are three more weeks before one of the biggest tech trade shows of the year, Consumer Electronics Show 2011 kicks off, but what I have seen so far feels like Groundhog Day.
Sharp Slips Into The 3D Pool

Sharp Slips Into The 3D Pool

Sharp is finally ready to ramp up their 4-Color AQUOS Quattron series to the 3D stage. The new 3D AQUOS LE925 will carry an X-Gen LCD panel with side-mounted LED scanning backlights. Apart from the typical active-shutter formula, Sharp has also engineered a unique feature not commonly found with other manufacturers. Read on to find out!
Toshiba's New 3D Regza TVs for 2011 Revealed

Toshiba's New 3D Regza TVs for 2011 Revealed

Toshiba finally joins the 3D TV race and we highlight two of their new Regza TV series that aim to deliver a punch in the steadily growing 3D TV space. We also managed to get some hands-on time with these TVs from the recent Toshiba regional TV strategy event.
Sony BRAVIA NX810 (KDL-55NX810) review

Sony BRAVIA NX810 3D TV - Next Best Thing

The BRAVIA NX810 is fresh out of the oven with a mean can of display arsenal. Did Sony manage to marry the best of 2D and 3D 1080p visuals in a single display this time? Read on to find out!
Samsung Series 8 3D LED TV review

First Looks - Samsung Series 8 3D LED TV

Samsung has armed the Series 8 with a dazzling load of features such as a 3D-ready panel, entertainment portal and LED backlights with local dimming. Is this 3D TV's performance worthy of its polished looks? Let's find out!
Panasonic VIERA TH-P50VT20S review

Pansonic VIERA TH-P50VT20S 3D TV - Dark Knight Rising

Having laid our hands on 3D LCD TVs, it's about time we gave Panasonic's stereoscopic PDP a shot. Armed to the teeth with a reborn NeoPDP panel and VIERA Cast suite, we wasted little time in getting up to speed with the Infinite Black knight.
LG INFINIA LX9500 LED LCD TV (55-inch) review

LG INFINIA LX9500 3D LED TV - Ad Infinitum!

Combining the best of segmented LED backlights and a 3D-ready panel, LG has served up their meanest and sexiest screen to date. We took the 55-inch INFINIA out for a spin, and here's our account on the massive yet ultra-slim LX9500.