Samsung WB210 review

Samsung WB210 - Zooming Into the Detail

Encased in a flashy, protective chrome finish is the 14-megapixel WB210. It's a 12x optical zoom lens, and weighs a reasonable 174g. Priced at S$499, is this compact camera worth it? Check out what we thought of it after the jump.
Sony MDR-EX1000 review

Sony MDR-EX1000 Headphones - For the Audio Purist

First unveiled last year in Japan by Sony, the MDR-EX1000 is equipped with a neodymium 16mm driver reinforced with a magnesium-based housing. Is it worth its S$799 price tag? Read on to find out.
Beyerdynamic T50p review

Beyerdynamic T50p Headphones - Audio Blitzkrieg on This Full Metal Jacket

Beyerdynamic is a German brand known for its premium microphones, as well as professional monitoring headsets for pilots. Here, we take a look at the T50p, an audiophile-grade, on-ear headphones that's suitable for portable use.
Creative D80 Portable Bluetooth Speakers review

First Looks: Creative D80 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Skimping slightly on portability allows Creative to pack in two 3-inch drivers into the D80. In the company's own words, this is a 'wireless speaker that rocks'. Here's our assessment of this extremely affordable stereo Bluetooth speaker.
Creative D80 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Creative D80 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Creative expands its range of products with the addition of the D80, a speaker that offers portability and wireless audio playback. Big on size and big on sound, the Creative D80 also allows you to customize the cloth grille to your own taste.
Soundmatters Foxl v2 Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Soundmatters Foxl v2 Bluetooth Portable Speakers

The Foxl v2 from Soundmatters is a portable, wireless speaker unit that shows you do not have to compromise on sound quality when you choose a smaller size. An all round, excellent sounding speaker, the Foxl v2 should definitely be on your radar.
A Neutral Net

A Neutral Net

The issue of net neutrality is one of paramount importance. With the all pervasive nature of the web and its exceptional proliferation it is no wonder that corporations will seek to profit. However, everyone must realize that the net draws its strengths from the fact that it provides a neutral platform for one and all.
The TV Screen Dilemma

The TV Screen Dilemma

LCDs, LEDs, plasma, 720p, 1080i. What's a common mortal to do when an old TV set kicks the bucket?
Synology DiskStation DS1511+ review

Synology DiskStation DS1511+ - A Beast of a Network Storage Solution

How will the five drive bays DiskStation DS1511+ supporting up to 15TB of storage stack up against Synology's range of NAS solutions? Also, is it worth the cost? We find out.
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205b review

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM205b - Fine Printing with Fine Design

Fuji Xerox recently released its new consumer line of printers incorporating S-LED technology. The minimalist printers came in modern designs, with a uniform identity across the various models. Can the CM205b perform? Find out after the jump.