NEC V300XG Projector review

NEC V300XG Projector - A Text & Multimedia All-in-One

At 2.5kg, the portable NEC V300XG is a single-chip DLP projector with a brightness rating of 3,000 lumens. The lamp lasts 3,000 hours, which goes up to 5,000 hours under Eco mode. Let's see how it fared in other areas.
Iomega StorCenter px4-300d (bare) review

Iomega StorCenter px4-300d - Bring Home Your Personal Cloud

These days most NAS are powered by Intel Atom processors, and the only way to identify each NAS box is through its aesthetics or software within it. We find out if the StorCenter px4-300d can differentiate itself from its peers.
Engenius ERB9250 Wireless N Range Extender review

Engenius ERB9250 Wireless N Range Extender - Say Goodbye to Wireless Dead Spots

Extenders serve the basic function of lengthening your Wi-Fi's coverage, so you get a broader area of connectivity. Is the Engenius ERB9250 capable of combating dead spots? We check it out.
QNAP TS-419P II Turbo NAS review

QNAP TS-419P II Turbo NAS - An Excellent NAS Box for the Home

Other than looking a lot like the TS-419P+, the QNAP TS-419P II and its predecessor also have a lot in common in the hardware department. A major difference is that the latter sports a speedier Marvell 2.0GHz processor. Let's find out if this 4-bay NAS delivers.
MiLi Power Projector-2 review

MiLi Power Projector-2 - Pocket-Sized Projections

At 200 grams, the MiLi Power Projector-2 is a rather lightweight pico projector, making it ideal for the frequent business traveler. Will it perform? Find out how we rated this one.
Norton 360 Version 5.0 (3 Users) review

Norton 360 Version 5.0 - User-friendly, All-encompassing PC Protection

This all-in-one security suite promises protection against viruses, PC slowdowns, file loss, and much more. How does the Version 5.0 improve from its predecessors? We find out if it delivers what it claims.
Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE review

Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE - A More Than Respectable Music Companion

Best suited for low-power devices like portable media players, the DTX 101 iE is apparently, capable of a "punchy audio performance". How will it stack up against other mid-range headphone models in the market? We find out.
Parrot AR.Drone review

Parrot AR.Drone - Augmented Reality + Remote-Controlled Quadrocopter

Unlike most remote-controlled toys, the AR.Drone uses the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as the remote control; and it doesn't need to be in your line of sight to work. How durable is this quadrocopter? We find out.
Thecus N5200XXX review

Thecus N5200XXX - Extreme Backup

Powered by an Intel Atom D525 dual-core processor running at 1.8GHz and 1GB of DDR3 RAM, the Thecus N5200XXX has five bays for up to 15TB of storage capacity. If you're looking for a NAS to last you for a long time, this could be it.
HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive review

HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive - A Handy Backup Device for Photographers

Need to backup memory cards to a portable hard drive, or transfer HD movies, photos and other content to the iPad? The USB-equipped HyperDrive for the iPad may just be what you're looking for.