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ZoneOut: HTC Hero - In the Nick of Time

By Seow Tein Hee - 4 Sep 2009

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Geared Up

We've already made it clear that customizable user interfaces and widgets are the way to go. So what is it about the Hero's preloaded widgets that makes it worth the attention? We take a look at some of the more prominent ones.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles. As seemingly little as it might be, these toggles are very useful for power management and accessing your phone's most basic functions. Such toggles are available on the Android Market. Nonetheless, we are glad that these HTC widgets are readily available and has the looks to go with it.

The Messaging and Email widgets will be a familiar sight if you notice the similarities between it and those on the TouchFlo 3D. Note that the Email widget is only able to display emails from one account, even though the email function is able to support and receive mails from multiple accounts.

The Calendar widget is much more pleasing to the eye than the standard Google Calendar widget. Furthermore, it comes in two different styles for you to choose from. The full page Calendar widget (shown here) acts more like a date viewer and shows you a full month's agenda. It's alternative style gives more precise info on a daily basis.

Likewise, the Music widget comes in two different styles. The first of which is similar to the TouchFlo 3D's Music tab. The other compact layout bears more similarity to the Google Music widget, but with an additional display for the album art. Interestingly, at the phone lock screen, you can access your music that's playing in the background (as shown here).

The Bookmarks widget displays the thumbnails of your, well, bookmarks. But what makes this Bookmark widget great to behold is the fact that it will intuitively lock on to the distinctive areas that identifies what the site is.

Social Media is a fast moving trend, and the Twitter widget, or known as Peep, will probably be one of the more popular widget for users.

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