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WWE 2K24 (PS5) review: The wrestling game we have been waiting for

By Zelda Lee - 27 Apr 2024

WWE 2K24 (PS5) review: The wrestling game we have been waiting for

Note: This article was first published on 15 April 2024.

Image Source: 2K Games

If you were born in the 80’s, watching iconic wrestlers from WWF (now WWE) Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker on your television screens would have count as a hot favourite weekend pastime, rooting for your favorite wrestler. Then our heroes become playable in videogames, allowing us to recreate our own Royal Rumbles or WrestleManias (and who can forget the SummerSlams?). From rudimentary, pixelated figures to today's sophisticated 3D models, these games have grown alongside advancements in videogame technology.

The WWE 2K series by 2K Games, in particular, have been at the forefront of this evolution, mirroring the changes and growth within professional wrestling itself. The latest release, WWE 2K24 by developer Visual Concepts, continues this tradition, bringing the vibrant world of WWE into fans' homes with a fresh and engaging approach.

Image Source: 2K Games

WWE 2K24 is arguably the most ambitious game in the series yet, featuring an impressive roster that spans different eras, combining current favourites and all-time legends. Beyond the roster, WWE 2K24 also expands its appeal with a variety of game modes and an intricate wrestler creation tool.

Take for instance, the 2K Showcase of the Immortals. It’s a genuine gem in WWE 2K24, delivering a narrative-rich exploration of WrestleMania's standout moments. Far from just a stroll down memory lane, this mode turns history into a playground, letting players dive in and actually shape these legendary events. Want to pit Hulk Hogan against The Rock? Yes, you can. As someone who appreciates both the history and the fun scripted drama of wrestling, this is personally the most appealing feature of WWE 2K24 for me.

But WWE 2K24 not only brings back the past. There are also other game modes designed to suit different player preferences. MyRISE, for example, is a career mode where players climb the professional wrestling ranks and make key decisions that can influence their career trajectory along the way. This mode is divided into two different play experience; Undisputed puts you in the shoes of a young make wrestler who will soon become known as “The Dark Horse”, while Unleashed will have you playing as a female indie wrestler climbing up the ranks and becoming a WWE Superstar. WWE 2K24 really does have surprising replay value here.

Image Source: 2K Games

For players who prefer to be on the management side, MyGM mode switches focus from the ring to the backstage. MyGM immerses players in the role of a WWE General Manager, allowing you to draft a roster, manage budgets, sign free agents book matches and rivalries, choose arena locations, production elements, and more, with the goal of beating a rival GM in weekly rating battles. It’s a completely different storytelling to MyRise, and adds a different dimension to how you play WWE 2K24.

In terms of gameplay, WWE 2K24 largely delivers a satisfying experience. The controls are intuitive, and I found it relatively easy to execute moves such as dodges, blocks, and powerful finishing specials. This fluidity cannot be understated, as early WWE 2K games tend to feel artificial with characters’ onscreen movements in relation to your control. But Visual Concepts has done a great job in making controls feel both responsive and authentic.

Image Source: 2K Games

The character customisation mode in the game also stands out for me. It's so rich and immersive that it could almost be a game in its own right. I've spent countless hours (perhaps a bit too much) fine-tuning every little detail of my wrestler, from the physical traits to the fashion choices. Whether you're aiming to create a true-to-life wrestler to dominate in MyRISE or just crafting a fun, eccentric character for a one-off Royal Rumble, the depth of options available is incredible. You can adjust everything from your character's height and weight to more nuanced attributes like face shape and tattoos. The ability to pick your wrestler’s moveset, entrance music, and even their temperament allows for a level of personalisation that truly makes each character unique to you.

Visually, WWE 2K24 is stunning – every wrestler, whether a player-created character or a renowned superstar, looks incredibly authentic here. This visual fidelity enhances the overall gameplay experience, especially in modes like the 2K Showcase of the Immortals, where historical accuracy and atmosphere play a significant role. The realistic depiction of these iconic wrestling moments adds a layer of depth and enjoyment, making the historical scenarios feel more genuine and engaging.

Inshort, WWE 2K24 is easily the best and most memorable game of the franchise in its 11 years of history. It’s visually stunning – every wrestler, whether a player-created character or a renowned superstar, looks incredibly authentic – and offers a wealth of fun gameplay and content that can engage WWE fans. WWE 2K24 is a game that truly celebrates the spectacle of wrestling in a thoroughly immersive gaming experience.

Note: WWE 2K24 is available for purchase at the PlayStation Store.

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  • Playability 9
  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 8
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Great visuals
Caters for old and current WWE fans alike
A lot of replay value
Fun single-player content
The Bad
Button mashing will get you everywhere
Archival in-game footage quality can be awful
MyFaction mode is not going to be a popular mode
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