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Toshiba Satellite U920t Premier Series Convertible Ultrabook Review (Updated!)
By Leo Boon Yeow - 13 Dec 2012
Launch SRP: S$2099

Build Quality and Components

Build Quality

The Toshiba U920t is a tablet when its keyboard is tucked under the screen. Its screen is protected by Gorilla Glass, while its body is covered in rigid plastic.

The Toshiba Satellite U920t might be a new design from Toshiba, but the build quality of the convertible tablet is very similar to that of Toshiba’s other Ultrabooks. It is made of the same materials (mostly plastic), which are even of the same brown and grey color schemes we've seen in recent times. Even though its mostly plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap, because the plastic used is quite rigid. And when the keyboard is tucked underneath the screen to provide a tablet form, the sliding mechanism holds the screen tightly down to the keyboard. This allows you to hold the U920t however you please, without any parts flexing or feeling loose. When the unit is fully open to reveal a notebook form, the entire unit holds together pretty well too. We tried shaking it, but the solid hinges and teethed rails hold everything together.


Being protected by Gorilla Glass is a feature, but the inevitable side effect is very visibly glaring. Toshiba could have done better if they've added an anti-glare coat over the glass.

As you’d expect from most tablets these days, the glass protecting the display, is Gorilla Glass. This means it’s tough and scratch resistant, but it also means that the 12.5-inch glossy screen will pick up fingerprints very easily, especially since it’s meant to be touched constantly. We’re also quite disappointed that Toshiba opted to put a 1366 x 768 pixels resolution display on the U920t. This decision was probably made to keep the cost (thus price) of the unit to a reasonable figure. But again, Toshiba isn’t exactly known to make cheap notebooks, so a higher resolution display here would have given consumers much better value. The saving grace is that its an IPS panel with 300 nits brightness and since the screen is on the smaller side, its given resolution may just suffice.


The only other part of the machine that gives away its price range, is its keyboard. Like other Toshiba Ultrabooks, the plastic keyboard well has some flex on it. Thankfully, it doesn’t affect typing very much. The keys, while bouncy, are also very shallow, likely to keep the unit as thin as possible. And of course, it isn’t the greatest keyboard we’ve encountered on a notebook, but we’re quite pleased to see that it’s backlit - a premium feature often overlooked by some notebook manufacturers.

The keyboard reminds us of the one found on the Z930. It's bouncy, but very shallow.


With its “rail” sliding mechanism, Toshiba is also able to fit in a trackpad at its usual place below the keyboard. However the sliding mechanism does take up quite a bit of space at the rear, which explains why the trackpad on the U920t is so tiny. But of course, having a trackpad is better than no trackpad. Here, the trackpad quality is exactly the same as the Satellite series of Ultrabooks. It’s sensitive, and has a satisfying click to give you some tactile feedback while using it.

The trackpad is clickable, but quite small, due to the amount of space taken up by the sliding mechanism.

Ports, Switches and Speakers

The back of the machine holds a USB 3.0 and a HDMI port.

The remaining USB 3.0 port lies on the left side of the machine. It's also the same side where you will find the power button, along with the volume and orientation lock.

On the right side of the machine is a hidden card reader and an audio jack.

In terms of connectivity, the Satellite U920t isn’t going to blow anyone away. It’s got the usual twin USB 3.0 ports, and a HDMI port, but that’s all you’re going to get. This is unlike the Sony Duo 11, which even has a RJ45 and a VGA port despite its size. And lastly, for folks wondering if the speakers are any good, the speakers on the U920t are fairly adequate, like any other premium Ultrabook. You definitely can’t expect any quality audio or even satisfying bass, but the speakers are loud enough so you don’t have to strain your ears, even in a big room.

Speakers are underneath the keyboard.

  • Design 8
  • Features 7.5
  • Performance 7.5
  • Value 7
  • Mobility 7.5
The Good
Unique yet functional form factor
Slider mechanism allows various screen angles
The Bad
1366 x 768 pixels screen resolution
Sliding rail puts pressure on screen
Plastic build
One-handed tablet usage not possible
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