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Sony BRAVIA NX810 3D TV - Next Best Thing
By Andy Sim - 6 Nov 2010
Launch SRP: S$7499

Design & Features


If you like things simple, then Sony's Monolithic design should pander to the minimalist in you. Unlike the budget BX-series which dons a clunky frame, the premium NX suite, on the other hand, exudes sophistication with a seamless glass face and slender 30mm styling. Another relatively new element is the OptiContrast panel. Essentially, Sony has tucked a resin sheet between the NX810's LCD panel and glass plate to reduce glare as well as boost black levels and picture detail. At this juncture, we can't ascertain if this enhancement would indeed improve the display's performance before we test the unit (which is detailed on the following pages). However, it is painfully obvious the panel remains highly reflective as it is. The screen is also a fingerprint magnet, so be sure to keep a cloth handy if family members have a tendency to handle the panel frequently. Should you lose the remote, look for the hardware buttons at the lower right of the TV's flank. 

The BRAVIA NX810 strikes a classy pose with an edge-to-edge glass face and slender aesthetics. On the contrary, notice how reflected lights and fingerprints tend to show up. It's a pity we do not have the Bunshin stand with us since the HDTV looks a whole lot sexier on it.

Recent BRAVIA units which feature Sony's Monolithic Design should arrive in your living room with the OptiContrast panel. Comparable to LG, Sony is also trying to reduce the air cavity between LCD panel and glass face for reasons listed above.

The NX810 is unable to lay claim as Sony's slimmest offering although its lean 30mm depth should still appeal to any avant garde hunter. Hardware buttons are located on the right flank which includes a Home button.

The handsome BRAVIA display exhibits a low profile when mounted on the glass-top stand, and swivels 20 degrees each way. Installation wise, the NX810 is rather versatile since the display can be wall mounted. Alternatively, you may stick the panel into the Bunchin stand which gives the TV a six degrees tilt. Incidentally, the bundled stand (Sony's current promotion) also hides a 2.1-speaker system to augment your auditory experience. Gazing at the TV's back, all AV connectors are designed with a side-facing alignment which makes them ideal for wall mount solutions. Moreover, expect to find the usual suspects such as four HDMI 1.4 ports and a USB slot in the NX810's arsenal. Unlike Samsung's Series 8 which requires a series of cumbersome breakout adapters, the NX810's Ethernet port is already incorporated into the TV's rear. However, the 3D Sync connector is a little hard to reach so it's best to install the transmitter before wall mounting the display set.

The 3D Sync transmitter port is located just above the Ethernet connector at the upper areas of the back panel. Be sure to hook up the IR transmitter before you happily wall mount the sleek NX810.

 We like the way the side panel is aligned, but not so much its recessed positioning. Ensure there is sufficient gap between wall and panel for your fingers to fit through. The VGA and USB ports are located here.

 We were pretty happy with Sony's RM-GD010 remote which comes with a slightly beveled surface and a unique on/off button located behind the stick. As usual, the HOME button would bring forth the XrossMediaBar interface. The icing on this remote's cake, however, would have to be its stylish blue backlights.



Now that you are acquainted with the NX810's framework, let's move on to the features and display adjustments. This BRAVIA is awesome, in that it features wired and wireless Ethernet aspects. Yes, it does not require any Wi-Fi dongles to connect to your network. The other clincher is the NX810's Internet Video and Widgets features. Little content was pre-installed, meaning you'll need to spend a couple of minutes downloading them as a requisite. Once done, however, we spotted a good number of trending video sites such as YouTube, WIRED and Epicurious on the TV's itinerary.  As for BRAVIA Widgets, expect to find Twitter and a bunch of Yahoo News and Weather widgets on the Network icon. Incidentally, the remote also offers dedicated buttons for both applications. The NX810 has three picture presets with a Blu-ray source  - Standard, Vivid and Custom. Then again, we like the fact that the Backlights are adjustable, and each preset can be managed independently with each AV input. More display tweaks can be found under Advanced Settings. 

A screenshot captured from WIRED's video page. Titles for the respective videos are shown at the bottom of the screen.

 Video playback quality will depend on a few factors, such as your Internet connection as well as size and bitrates of the clip. The WIRED videos ran without a hitch when tested over our office's network.

 Screenshots of Yahoo Weather and News widgets. Select the green settings button to customize the application or add more elements.

 Advanced controls include Black Corrector, Advanced Contrast Enhancer, LED Dynamic Control, Live Color and White Balance.

  • Design 9
  • 3D Performance 9
  • HD Performance 9
  • SD Performance 8.5
  • Features 9
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Convincing 3D Performance
Brilliant 2D Quality
The Bad
Average Noise Reduction
Obsessed with technology?
Subscribe to the latest tech news as well as exciting promotions from us and our partners!
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