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Secretlab Titan Evo Lite review: A premium gaming chair that's friendlier to the wallet

By Aaron Yip - 18 Feb 2024

Secretlab Titan Evo Lite review: A premium gaming chair that's friendlier to the wallet

Note: This review was first published on 24 January 2024.

The Titan Evo Lite is essentially a Titan Evo gaming chair without two key features.

Secretlab demonstrates a strong commitment to quality and user comfort in its product launches, particularly evident in their flagship product, the Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair (read our review here). Having been launched nearly three years ago, the Titan Evo continues to be my preferred choice in conventional gaming chairs. Its enduring appeal lies in its outstanding ergonomic design and the overall comfort it offers.

But like many companies, Secretlab has faced supply chain challenges due to the pandemic. This has impacted their pricing structure, particularly for the Titan Evo chairs. When launched in 2021, these chairs were priced between S$549 and S$579, varying based on the chosen upholstery. However, as of the time of writing, Secretlab has adjusted the prices to range from S$679 to S$699. This represents an increase of approximately 20 percent. This price adjustment is a necessary business response from Secretlab in light of the current volatility and unpredictability of the global supply chain.

Recognising the impact of the price increase on their customer base, Secretlab has taken a responsive step to cater to a wider market segment by launching a new addition to their gaming chair lineup: the Titan Evo Lite. Starting from S$519, Secretlab says this new variant is “designed to offer a more accessible price point, without compromising the quality and comfort” that the Titan Evo chairs are known for.

The Titan Evo goes lite

Our review sample is a Stealth with Prime 2.0 Leatherette.

At a glance, the Titan Evo Lite looks identical to its more expensive predecessor. But there are notable differences; key features that made the Titan Evo stand out were removed to keep the cost low. These are the 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System and the magnetic Full-metal 4D armrest with CloudSwap functionality (that allows you to swap armrest accessories).

In the absence of the Titan Evo’s unique Lumbar Support System, the Titan Evo Lite comes with a fixed integrated lumbar curve. I have chronic lower back problems and the Titan Evo is just one of two chairs (the other being the Razer Fujin Pro) that allows me to sit for prolong periods without my lower back muscle tensing up, and I credit the adjustable lumbar support in helping my back to maintain a healthier sitting posture.

You can't see it, but you can definitely feel the integrated lumbar curve.

So jumping onto the Titan Evo Lite gave me some apprehensions at first as I was worried it would not provide the same level of support, but I’ve used the Titan Evo Lite for over a week now and I’m very pleasantly surprised that my lower back pain has not flared up even once (unlike on the Omega). It’s still not quite the same as the excellent 4-way L-ADAPT Lumbar Support System, but I think Secretlab has done some very good work with the curve on Titan Evo Lite’s backrest.

Other changes include the wheelbase, which now uses a nylon composite material as opposed to aluminium on the Titan Evo. Also, while the Titan Evo offers a choice of either the Neo Hybrid Leatherette or Softweave Plus Fabric upholstery, the Lite version comes in the older Prime 2.0 Leatherette and Softweave Fabric options.

Gone is the CloudSwap-compatible armrests, which I'm sure not many will miss anyway.

The wheelbase is also made of a Nylon composite material, instead of aluminium.

The Prime 2.0 leatherette is based on the same PU leather used in the older (and now phased out) Omega gaming chair and while I personally prefer the Neo Hybrid leatherette as it feels a wee bit softer and slightly more supple, I think both offer the same quality of life. For what it’s worth, I’ve got a three years old Omega chair and its Prime 2.0 leatherette upholstery is still holding up well in our tropical weather. The Lite’s Softweave fabric though, cannot compare to the superior Softweave Plus found on the Titan Evo. Speaking from experience, the Softweave Plus is not only noticeably softer and more comfortable but also just way better at keeping your bum cool even after long hours of sitting. I’m a big fan of the Softweave Plus upholstery but not the original Softweave, and for my money’s worth I’d recommend going for the Prime 2.0 leatherette with the Titan Evo Lite.

Despite all these differences, the Titan Evo Lite is still in many ways a Titan Evo. It comes with the same pebble seat base as the Titan Evo – providing the same (and comfortable) bum support. It still sports the same shape and is also spacious enough allow for multiple postures including sitting cross-legged. It also supports up to 100kg for the R size and up to 180kg for the XL version, and the recline leans all the way back to 165-degree.

Final thoughts

More people should consider a chair with good lumbar support.

With the Titan Evo Lite, Secretlab addresses not only a more price-sensitive segment but also those who seek quality without needing all the features of the Titan Evo. For instance, the magnetic CloudSwap-compatible armrests of the Titan Evo, while innovative, might not be a frequent necessity for many users.

On reflection, it's remarkable that just two years ago, the Titan Evo was launched at a price point close to that of the current Titan Evo Lite but here we are. Regardless, at the S$500 price range, I don’t think there are many gaming chairs that come close to the build quality of the Titan Evo Lite today, and crucially, one with an effective back support. Really, people, it’s 2024 and I find it incredible how many still underestimate the importance of good lumbar support.

If you have been holding out on the Titan Evo because of the pricing, then the Titan Evo Lite is a well-considered balance between affordability and the essential qualities of a premium gaming chair. A lite gaming chair it may be, but the Titan Evo Lite is no 'entry-level' gaming chair. In short, it's the Secretlab gaming chair upgrade you have been waiting for.

The Secretlab Titan Evo Lite is available for order at Secretlab's e-store. The chair is available in Prime 2.0 Leatherette in Stealth (reviewed here) and Black, and in Softweave in Cookies & Cream, Charcoal Blue and Black. They are also available in Regular and XL sizes.

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  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Value 9
The Good
It's essentially a Titan Evo without the bells and whistles
Excellent build quality
Integrated lumbar curve works really well
Compatible with Secretlab's SKINS
The Bad
Softweave upholstery is a step back
No magnetic memory foam bundled
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