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Samsung Q30 Centrino Ultra Slim Notebook

By Justin Ong - 2 Jul 2005

The Thin Red Slab

The Thin Red Slab

After years of planning and market surveys, notebooks bearing the Samsung badge are finally retailing in Singapore and the greater part of Southeast Asia. In a market that's not short of variety to satisfy even the most difficult consumer, Samsung's strategy in establishing a foothold is to position their notebook systems in the middle to top tier market segments instead of the lower end mass market. For the foreseeable future at least, the company has no plans to jump into a price war with other brands for consumer dollars in the price sensitive bracket. Given the success of its premium mobile phone branding, it is not hard to see why Samsung is heading down the same marketing direction for its notebooks as well.

Spearheading the Samsung notebook invasion is the Q30. This is an ultra slim Centrino notebook engineered with portability as its chief design consideration. Designated as the pilot model for this region, the Q30 had to be nothing short of stunning. As shown below, with an attractive styling and a sizzling shade of red, it really seems to live up to it.

The Samsung Q30 Centrino notebook, slim and in an irresistible red shade.

Bearing the Centrino logo meant that the Q30 could be trusted to provide excellent processing power that is balanced with a satisfactory length of battery life. To help it achieve these qualities and its ultra quiet status to match its flat and light physique, the processor of choice was an Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Pentium M processor. Together with its light and sturdy metal chassis, the entire notebook weighed a mere 1.1kg and had a height of just 18mm, making it an ideal mobile companion for tackling your daily digital chores. There were however edgy feelings for some regarding the notebook's dimensions, as the Samsung Q30 seemed like a fragile little computing machine that required the utmost of care. On the contrary, its metallic skin and tough chassis should be very resistant to rough handling and minor scratches. From what we learnt, the paint job alone was a process that took no less than seven layers of paint to fulfill the final outlook; now that speaks volumes of Samsung's attention to the build quality of the Samsung Q30.

Left Face - (left to right: Power Jack, Analog D-Sub, USB port, FireWire 400 port, earphone jack and microphone jack.)

Right Face - (left to right: CompactFlash slot, USB port, RJ-11 modem phone jack , RJ-45 Ethernet Jack and Power Button.)

Rear View - (Kensington Slot.)

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