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Razer Fujin Pro review: A great gaming chair with ergonomic goodness

By The Count - 21 Jan 2024

Razer Fujin Pro review: A great gaming chair with ergonomic goodness

Note: This review was first published on 23 December 2023.

The Razer Fujin Pro is arguably the best gaming chair of 2023 yet.

The Razer Fujin Pro, despite what you might think or reason, is not quite the usual gaming chair that gamers might have in their mind. In fact, the chair might not even look out of a place in a corporate office, thanks to its understated design. But don't let that fool you – this chair is as much for gamers as it is for the office crowd, if you're ready to fork out a hefty S$1,499 for it.

You can snag the Fujin Pro directly from Razer's website and if the price makes you wince, there's the standard non-Pro Razer Fujin, a less feature-rich version, available at S$939. Missing from this alternative are the aluminium alloy frame and the mesh headrest, both integral to the Pro version and truly make a difference in comfort.

The Fujin Pro strikes a rare balance where it's as much at home in a sleek, professional office as it is in a vibrant gaming den.

Despite closing in on Herman Miller’s territory in the looks department, the Fujin Pro's price is still notably lower than the latest Herman Miller Aeron (typically going for mid S$2,000). But it’s also worth remembering that the Aeron is more than just a chair; it's a statement, and crucially, complete with a superior warranty. So, if you're willing to spend even more, the Aeron might just be the undisputed king of ergonomic seating. However, for those balking at the Aeron's price, the Fujin Pro presents a somewhat more wallet-friendly, albeit less prestigious (yes, for better or worse), alternative.

The Razer Fujin Pro stands out in today’s sea of gaming chairs, but not in the way you might expect. Its gaming credentials are subtle to the point of being invisible; unless you're specifically looking for them, you might miss the discreet Razer branding stitched into the mesh at the front and the tiny logo on the lower back of the headrest. Now, as someone who spends a hefty chunk of their day glued to a chair, either gaming or grinding through tech articles, I can't help but tip my hat to Razer for this understated approach.

A knob at the back allows you to adjust the lumbar support.

You can almost see the dual kidney-shaped lumbar support behind the mesh - it's also height adjustable.

But let's not be fooled by its unassuming appearance. The Razer Fujin Pro might lack the visual pizzazz that screams 'look at me', but it compensates with a build quality that's nothing short of impressive. The chair's backbone is a robust aluminium alloy frame capable of supporting up to 136kg, but the real star here is the mesh material. It's this mesh that marries durability with comfort, providing a breathable and supportive seat that makes those marathon gaming or lengthy writing sessions (like me, heh) less of a chore on your posterior.

One of my favourite features that deserves special mention is the mesh headrest. It's adjustable, which is great for a quick head or neck rest. It’s leagues ahead of Secretlab’s head pillows on its Titan Evo chairs and even Razer’s own Iskur. For a direct comparison, I find that it fits my neck more comfortably than the one on the Hinomi X1 (you can read my review here). Combine this with a backrest with lumbar support that adapts to your weight, shifting forwards and backwards, and you've got a recipe for ergonomic bliss – especially for those with weak lower backs.

It's a very classy and apart from teeny weeny logo on the backrest, it's almost impossible to tell the Fujin Pro is a Razer product.

One of my favourite feature is the forward and aft adjustments of the seat, giving users more options to find their best sitting position.

Speaking of lumbar support, the Fujin Pro really shines in this department. The chair features a dual-adjustment system for lumbar comfort: a knob for intensity and a slider for height adjustment. Furthermore, the chair's seat pan can be extended or retracted, catering to users of different heights and leg lengths, and I found that this further enhances the lumbar comfort. Since I've started using the Fujin Pro, my posture's improved and those pesky aches and pains from prolonged sitting have eased up.

For those who love to lean back, the Razer Fujin Pro might initially seem underwhelming as it doesn't recline into a nearly flat position like many of its counterparts. Yet, I find its approach more pragmatic. The absence of a reclining lever means the chair relies on your body weight to lean back, up to a comfortable 130 degrees.

As well built as the Fujin Pro is (or seems to be, at least), Razer is only giving a 1-year warranty for the mesh and armrests. That's a big minus point for me.

No complains about the casters that come with the chair though.

Last but not least, the armrests. These are made of soft foam and come with the usual – as one would expect of any modern gaming chair today – adjustability in height and spacing. I mean, there’s really not much for me to say here except that they work as they should and will rest most arms comfortably for extended period. My only grip here is that the armrests allow for limited adjustments sideways. So for slender/skinny folks like me, I wish Razer allowed for them to be moved closer inwards. That said, this is pretty much an opinion and not necessarily a deal breaker.

Now comes my biggest pain point about the Fujin Pro. Despite its premium feel and features, the chair falls short in one critical area: its warranty. For a chair that screams 'luxury', a one-year warranty on the mesh and armrest padding is frankly disappointing, especially when you consider that some brands like Herman Miller (as unfair as it sounds) offer decade-long warranties. The frame itself is covered for five years, but given the chair's premium tag, I felt Razer could have done better for its customers. It's a gamble – the chair seems built to last, and I doubt that the mesh will break down anytime soon but that's a risk that might not sit well with everyone.

The excellent headrest is notable for being the only part of the chair that is detachable.

I've come across my fair share of gaming chairs; I must say that the Razer Fujin Pro strikes a rare balance. It's as much at home in a sleek, professional office as it is in a vibrant gaming den.

But here's the rub. The chair, despite its plush feel and robust build, comes tethered with a warranty that, frankly, leaves a lot to be desired. It's a bit of a letdown, especially when you consider the top-drawer materials and the rock-solid stability it offers. Now, for the elephant in the room – the price. It's steep, no sugarcoating that. Yet, despite this and the warranty hiccup, I find myself leaning towards recommending the Fujin Pro. For those who don't balk at the price, this chair is a solid choice.

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  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Value 8
The Good
Plenty of adjustments available, that are simple to use and not confusing
Breathable, comfortable mesh
Great lumbar support feature
Very comfortable
The Bad
Only 1-year warranty for the mesh and armrests
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