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Preview: Fujitsu LifeBook MH330

By Aloysius Low - 13 Apr 2010

Thin and Sliced

Thin and Sliced

We've seen plenty of netbooks now, and they usually come in a pretty standard configuration and build. There's not too much room for innovation or additional features because generally speaking, OEMs want to get these netbooks to be made and sold as cheaply as possible. Sometimes though, a manufacturer is willing to take a risk and come up with something different, but not too different that it prices the netbook in question out of reach.

What we're looking at today is Fujitsu's LifeBook MH330, which is as thin and light as netbooks come. Packing in the latest Intel Atom N450 processor and chipset, our prototype unit shies away from the usual chunky netbook build with a slim design that's nice on the eyes and hands. And unlike other more expensive ultrathin netbooks, the Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 will be retailing at a very affordable S$699 price tag. That puts Fujitsu in the same competitive market space as most other players, which is quite unlike of the company's customary business-centric models and positioning. Check out the build of this newcomer while we await the retail-ready unit for proper testing and review.

Red, glorious red!

Not that much thicker than a pen and giving ultrathin notebooks a run for their money is this Fujitsu LifeBook MH330 netbook.

The internals are pretty standard, but the isolated chiclet keyboard design is different from the usual netbook's build.

The isolated keyboard felt easy to type on, but we did note there was a little bit of flex.

Lastly, the netbook is running on a smaller capacity 23Wh battery, but luckily the netbook translates this reduced battery life capacity to ensure it weighs in at only 1.044kg.

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