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Logitech G Fits review: A pair of unique but inexorably expensive gaming earbuds

By The Count - 22 Apr 2023
Launch SRP: S$389

Logitech G Fits review: A pair of unique but inexorably expensive gaming earbuds

Note: This review was first published on 7 April 2023.

In the ever-growing world of earbuds, only a handful focus on gaming enthusiasts. The Logitech G Fits true wireless gaming earbuds cater to this niche, offering low latency connections for serious gamers. While they come packed with some cool features and a sleek design, the hefty S$389 price tag can make any mobile gaming enthusiast think twice before hitting "buy."

The G Fits earbuds display a solid construction with a strong tip portion and a satisfyingly hefty stem, and are housed in a case that contains a slot with a magnetic groove. This groove not only keeps the earbuds secure but also charges them. With an unconventional T-shaped body and dual stems, these earbuds can be controlled with a simple touch and are equipped with dual beam-forming microphones on each bud. The charging case is relatively standard, but it lacks wireless charging capabilities and an indicator light. Its slender plastic design and a hinge that isn't as sturdy as I'd like too, and don't quite match the quality expected from an almost-S$400 item though.


Unique custom fitting process

When it comes to battery life, the G Fits earbuds give you up to 15 hours of Lightspeed wireless use or 20 hours via Bluetooth, which isn't too shabby but still falls short compared to other gaming earbuds. Those used to getting days of juice from their headsets may find this a letdown. The earbuds' most captivating feature is its ability to offer a custom fit, using a soft, moldable material that reacts to UV LEDs built inside the earbuds. Logitech calls this Lightform technology, and this innovative approach results in a comfortable and secure fit, for me at least.

There’s no anti-noise cancelling feature, but the custom fitting of the earbuds was astonishingly effective at blocking out most external noises, offering a superior passive noise cancellation experience. Configuring the earbuds with the accompanying mobile app turned out to be a simple and straightforward process too. The app helps guide users through the setup and molding procedure, enabling you to personalise your earbuds’ tips for an optimal fit.

However, bear in mind that this process is permanent, and the tips cannot be remolded. So if you need to adjust the fit or pass them on, new tips will be required.


Music, movies and games

Besides assisting with the initial setup, the app allows users to modify the equaliser, monitor battery life, access instructions for touch controls, and remap controls on each earbud. While the app has a variety of features, I found that it could be more user-friendly, as some settings just aren’t clear enough and I had to dig through menus to find a select setting.

For wireless connectivity, the G Fits can connect to various devices using Bluetooth or a dedicated Litespeed Wireless connection. The compatibility extends to Windows, macOS, iOS and even PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Android devices.

I found the Bluetooth connection is to be stable most times, even during extended periods of listening to podcasts, music, and movies on my iPhone 14 Pro and iPad mini.  Switching between Bluetooth and Lightspeed Wireless modes can be somewhat cumbersome though, but once the connection is established, the audio quality and balance are exceptional. The bass and lower frequency audio are particularly noteworthy. Although not as full-bodied as a high-end pair of over-ear headphones, the bass is reasonably powerful. Listening to Joe Jonas & Khalid's Not Alone on these earbuds proved to be a well-rounded and enjoyable experience, as they adeptly highlighted the subtle interaction among different sound ranges.

In terms of gaming audio though, the performance is merely adequate, and the sense of verticality is insufficient. With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, for instance, I never could get a clear sense of where enemies are coming from. I also found it challenging to distinguish between certain sounds in Cyberpunk 2077, especially enemy footsteps or sounds in the distance. While all of these are not necessarily deal-breakers for single-player games, it could pose a disadvantage in competitive gaming or multiplayer co-op scenarios.


Yay or Nay?

At the end of the day, the Logitech G Fits earbuds presented a mixed bag to me. It stands out in the market for its custom fit concept and sound quality for music and movie watching. But I found the Lightspeed wireless and gaming performance to be underwhelming, which is an irony considering that Logitech is putting the G Fits out there for gamers first.

But let's talk about the elephant in the room: the price. At a retail price of S$389, it's quite a hefty sum for wireless earbuds mostly – and supposedly – used for gaming. Sure, they can double as your everyday audio device, but there are other wireless earbuds out there that deliver similar performance without costing as much. And let's not forget that wired earbuds can be a wallet-friendly alternative for gaming experiences.

I understand that audio quality and performance can be a matter of personal taste, but the Logitech G Fits is simply just too pricey to recommend. At this price, it’s not unreasonable to want earbuds that impress you no matter what music or games you’re playing, and while the G Fits works great with one, it falls short with the other.

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