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Lian Li PC-V354 - Electric Screwdriver Recommended

By Vincent Chang - 10 Jul 2011



MicroATX motherboards have long been popular in mainstream PCs precisely because the buyers in this market segment do not require all the features and expansion options found on a full ATX board. And it turns out, neither do enthusiasts. Increasingly, there are more manufacturers offering enthusiast-class microATX boards, with ASUS' ROG Gene series the most high-profile example.

Taking in other industry trends like the integration of graphics with the CPU, the likelihood that you will choose an microATX board or an even smaller form factor in your next DIY PC has increased in recent years. It's fortunate then that most major case manufacturers offer smaller mini towers along with their high-end flagship full towers. Lian Li's PC-V354 is one of the vendor's newer models and weighing just slightly over 4kg, it's portable enough to bring to a LAN party if the need arises.

Lian Li is best known for its aluminum chassis and the PC-V354 is almost entirely made out of this light and strong material.  

You can check out the specifications above at the specs tab or you can let the pictures speak for themselves after the jump. 

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  • Aesthetics 8.5
  • Functionality 8
  • Usability 7
  • Value 8
The Good
Lightweight aluminum casing
Able to fit long graphics cards
The Bad
Installation or maintenance process involves many screws
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