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LG INFINIA LX9500 3D LED TV - Ad Infinitum!
By Andy Sim - 31 Aug 2010
Launch SRP: S$7999

Design & Features


It requires a little care and effort to set up the 55-inch screen. With a panel fronted by a single sheet of glass and a base made out of glass as well, you can imagine how heavy this thing is. Well, the LX9500 weighs 28.1kg to be exact. On the other hand, the sexy BORDERLESS cabinet was a sight to behold once we've assembled the stand and backplate together. Three attractive characteristics sets the INFINIA apart from run of the mill televisions - a 22.3mm depth, a skinny 16mm bezel and a minimalistic glassy exterior. You might want to know the LX9500 swivels 20 degrees both ways. Delightful as LG's styling may be, the TV unfortunately doubles up as a makeshift mirror, with thanks to its highly reflective and polished surface. To compensate for this minor annoyance, you may either brighten the TV's backlights or operate the set in a darkened environment. For a dash of style, LG has incorporated the brand's logo in the middle of the panel which illuminates itself when the unit is powered on.  

The LX9500 was fairly easy to assemble apart from its backbreaking weight. For a pedestal installation, you are required to fasten the stand and backplate to the back of the TV. That little box-like thing you see at the bottom right of the picture is the display's rear stand cover.

Technological advancements has its advantages, and LG has made their efforts tangible with their latest INFINIA suite. It was a pleasant surprise indeed to witness such slim depths given the TV's use of direct LED backlights.

The LX9500 impressed us with its clean and sophisticated looks. Its highly reflective panel, on the other hand, proved to be a major distraction when observed in a brightly lit room.

Glassy accents surrounding the TV's frame help create a seamless and "borderless" impression. The illuminated LG logo is a nice touch as well. You are in for a world of hurt if you should lose the remote though, since the hardware buttons are mounted behind.

Don't fret about a lack of connectivity though, for LG has catered a sumptuous range of AV connectors in its ranks. We spied four HDMI, three component, and two composite inputs, plus two USB ports flanked at the side. There's also a Wireless Control slot available if you wish to connect the TV to the optional Media Box. For network connectivity, you can tap into the integrated Ethernet port or purchase a Wireless LAN dongle from LG. Apart from a customary  Auto IP setup, the TV supports a manual IP configuration as well if you do not wish to rely on your router's DHCP feature. We were a little disappointed at LG's omission of the "magic remote" with the local LX9500 release. Behaving like a Wii-mote in some ways, the "magic remote" enables the user to control a cursor simply by pointing and waving the stick at the screen. In its place, however, is a drab and cheap looking wand. In fact, the remote we have on hand is a far cry from the premium INFINIA display it serves although the simple layout makes it effective and easy to use. There is a dedicated button for 3D and NetCast if you must know. Boring looks aside, we are happy to inform you that the remote brandishes buttons with backlights too. 

Three HDMI inlets were found at the back panel and another at the side, while legacy connectors such as VGA and component inputs were present as well. However, some of the rear-facing placement isn't practical for wall-mount installations. Thankfully, LG was careful enough to position the USB ports by the side.

 LG could have done better with a fancier remote . Nonetheless, we'll give it brownie points for an effective layout. The stick sports a beveled D-pad, huge buttons, and also a dedicated key for its 3D feature. Best of all, the buttons come with backlights too. Now you get to play with your stick in the dark.


A beautifully designed TV deserves an equally pretty graphical interface, right? Well, that's what you'll get with the INFINIA LX9500. Hit the "Menu" button on the remote, and it would conjure a suite of icons such as Picture, Audio, Network, Game and My Media among others onscreen. We detected eight picture presets, including two Expert settings for the savvy and an Intelligent Sensor mode which automatically adjusts the display settings depending on your room's ambient lighting. The buck doesn't stop here. Engineered into recent generations of LG TVs, the Koreans are continuing with their Picture Wizard feature which acts as a quick and handy calibration tool. In addition, the LX9500 handled video CODECs such as H.264, DivX and Xvid without much fuss when we checked out its USB interface. On top of that, you also get to play a handful of integrated games such as Cooking Burger and Whack A Mole under its gaming branch (which has a total of eight titles). However, we felt that the gaming experience was rather tedious without the accompaniment of the "magic remote". Unlike folks over in Australia who are fortunate enough to enjoy VOD (video on demand) HD streams via their BigPond provider, the NetCast feature on our localized version is, shall we say, less extravagant. You may watch YouTube HD videos at best, along with two other online media alternatives such as AccuWeather reports and access to photo-sharing site Picasa. All things considered, the INFINIA has just enough features and firepower to pelter the competition into their defensive trenches.  

We'll go out on a limb and say this - yes, we think LG has one of the most attractive GUIs around. The icons are beautifully rendered with no-nonsense labels which makes them easy to manage or navigate.

 Besides the eight picture presets shown here, the LX9500 has other settings such as skin tone and dynamic contrast features waiting under its Advanced Settings wing.

Lack funds to buy a professional calibration tool? Fret not, for this INFINIA features a user-friendly Picture Wizard application to help you obtain a decent display. A reference image or pattern is shown as you go along.

LG has eight games to offer as part of the INFINIA's entertainment pack, including "Cooking Burgers" where you have to match the right ingredients to the pictures shown. While the gaming idea is definitely a plus, we would have liked it better if we had the "magic remote" to toy with.

It won't be long before YouTube gets married to all HDTVs. There isn't any VOD services on the local LX9500's NetCast application, but at least you get to fool around with YouTube clips and checkout global weather conditions from the comfort of your couch. Of course, be sure to connect the TV to your home network before you attempt this.

  • Design 8.5
  • 3D Performance 8.5
  • HD Performance 9
  • SD Performance 7.5
  • Features 8.5
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Striking visuals
Inky blacks
Practical features
The Bad
Poor noise filters
Less adept with SD source
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