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LG 47-inch LW6500 Cinema 3D TV - Passive Aggressive

By Andy Sim - 20 Jul 2011
Launch SRP: S$3499

Introduction & Design

Cinema 3D Hits Home

Introduced in April, LG's passive Cinema 3D series brings new alternatives to the 3D genre with supposedly flicker-free images and reduced crosstalk. Unlike its rivals, the LW6500 is paired with polarizing glasses as opposed to active-shutter lenses from Samsung and Sony. Essentially, LG's Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) tech works by projecting left and right eye images via a circular polarizer film. At the viewer's end, each lens is designed to block the other eye's image. For instance, the left sees only the left image, and same goes for the right. This process takes place simultaneously, and a 3D image is formed when the brain combines both pictures. For more info, we've also previously talked about this technique's associated advantages/disadvantages. Now that you've got an inkling on how the LW6500 works, let's check out the TV unit itself with a 47-inch model that we called in for review.

LG is marketing their latest Cinema 3D screens with benefits such as lessened eye fatigue and crosstalk-free images. On the other hand, there has been much talk about its reduced 3D resolution compared to the full HD resolution offered by active shutter glasses (ASG) type of TVs. Can this passive screen deliver as promised? Stick around as we find out more.


LG's flagship LW6500 exhibit hallmarks of a modern LED-based set, such as a glossy black frame and slim 30mm depth. There are, however, a few characteristics which gives this television a unique character. For example, we spotted a swiveling metallic spine instead of the traditional black stem. LG's unique mixture also includes a glowing "cube-like" power indicator seated next to a row of touch-controls. Lastly, top that up with purplish accents lined around the TV's frame. While the LW6500 may offer glassy looks, the transparent material found on the bezel and stand is made of plastic, not glass. And despite its 21kg weight factor, the LW6500 can be a little wobbly when mounted. 

The LW6500 has a slim depth of 29.9mm which makes it ideal for wall-mount installations as well. Its svelte profile can be accredited to LG's implementation of edge LED backlights. Comparatively, the TV is just over twice the breath of an average ballpoint pen.

The purple strip is more obvious in photos than it really is. The colored accent is subtle but it distinguishes the LW6500 from more conventional looking HDTV displays.

A glimpse of the pedestal stand. Its reflective spine and glass-like base noticeably lends to the TV's overall classy form factor. However, a wobbly foundation suggests the TV may easily keel over when tipped.

The analog jacks (two composite and component) are situated on the rear panel, but note that breakout cables are required for the downwards-facing analog ports. Digital options, such as the four HDMI and two USB slots, are arranged by the side.

Analog connectors such as the AV IN 2 (Composite) and Component IN 2 jacks will require a breakout cable. Other downward-facing ports include the TV's Ethernet and RGB (VGA) connectors. All digital connections (quad HDMI and dual USB ports) are more conveniently located on the side.

LG's current promo includes four AG-F110 3D glasses, although the standard package only comes with two. The bundled remote stick offers a nice grip on the whole, thanks to a slim profile and a groove found on the underside. The wand also carries a dedicated 3D button, plus a Home button which calls up the Smart TV's Home Dashboard interface.     

LG's AG-F110 polarized glasses are comfortable and light since they do not sport fancy circuitry like their ASG adversaries. They may be a little too large for a child though. They are going for $20 for two pairs if you'd like to buy more for your family - again it's a lot cheaper than an ASG variety of TVs

LG's remote offers helpful functions such as a Quick Menu button which enables you to amend basic AV configurations on the fly. The slim wand also proffers other notable perks like a concave D-pad plus dedicated buttons for its Smart TV and 3D functions.

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  • Design 8.5
  • 3D Performance 9
  • HD Performance 8.5
  • SD Performance 8.5
  • Features 9
  • Value 8
The Good
Impressive 3D picture
Zero flicker
Feature-packed Smart TV platform
The Bad
Prone to backlight clouding
Tight vertical viewing angle in 3D mode
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