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Klipsch Reference R6 On-ear review - Small fit, big sound

By Marcus Wong - 16 Mar 2016
Launch SRP: S$169

Klipsch Reference R6 On-ear review - Small fit, big sound

This article first appeared in the February 2016 issue of HWM.

Klipsch’s R6 and R6i in-ear headphones have been quite the popular addition to their stable of headphones, and so they’ve gone and made a set of on-ear headphones based on the same audio design to offer those who prefer on-ear headphones the same audio experience.

The headphones themselves follow a somewhat similar design to the Reference on-ear with an elongated design, but take a much more minimalistic approach with an all-black design highlighted by silver trimmings. The headphones also feature fold-flat swivel cups, and so should stow away nicely in your bag as the set is pretty compact overall.

We must say the fit provided by the R6 on-ears is pretty good, and that’s thanks to the use of high-density memory foam cups which easily take the 160.3g weight off your ears. The leather headband helped the headphone rest nicely on our heads too, and overall the fit provided was good.


Audio Testing

The R6 On-ears feature a fold-flat design, making them easy to store in your bag,

In terms of audio, the R6 is powered by Klipsch’s own KG-150 dynamic moving coil speaker, which is rated to deliver a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, with an impedance of just 32ohm. Klipsch claims the driver delivers a “warm, authentic sound”, and there certainly does seem to be a good degree of naturalness to them.

On our audio testing, we found Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to be quite an enjoyable listen. Anthony Kiedis’s vocals render pretty well, and you can quite easily pick out the guitar work behind all the vocals. Put on an epic track like November Rain by Guns N’ Roses, and you’ll find there is a great amount of detail to be had, with a fairly large soundstage to match. Also, this is one set of headphones that really doesn’t mind being played at close to full blast. Crank the volume up and they’ll duly oblige. Be warned though, these headphones can go loud. Really loud.

On our own test tracks, we found that it performed best on Hotel California by The Eagles with the piece playing perfectly to the R6 on-ears’ strengths. You have a strong leading mid tone sound from the main guitars, plenty of details to resolve thanks to the overlap of instruments and vocals, and a deep thumping bass that leads the piece throughout.

Overall, these headphones certainly are performers that deliver over most genres. Our one criticism would be that they might be a little too heavy on the low end, but for this price range, they’re certainly something we’d recommend.

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