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Intel SSD 520 Series (240GB) - Take a Trip Down Cherryville

By Kenny Yeo - 16 Apr 2012

Results - Iometer (Part 1)

Iometer Results (Part 1)

Lastly, we put the drives through the rigorous grind of Iometer, with different workloads and I/O queue depths. We have chosen to show results from a queue depth of 1 to 5 as this better represents the workloads a typical consumer might face.

The Intel SSD 520 series’ IOPS performance is surprisingly lackluster considering its earlier performance. Compared to the current crop of SSDs and even the older Intel SSD 510 series, it is clearly lagging behind in the 64k streaming reads and writes. File and web server performance was more encouraging, though not class-leading. In fact, the old X25-M from Intel actually fared better at the web server workload. Just for kicks, we've included the WD VelociRaptor's performance scores too.


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  • Performance 8.5
  • Features 7
  • Value 8
The Good
Class-leading performance
Much improved over Intel SSD 510 series
Special firmware exclusive to Intel
The Bad
Slightly pricey
Below average IOPS performance on Iometer
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