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Intel SSD 520 Series (240GB) - Take a Trip Down Cherryville

By Kenny Yeo - 16 Apr 2012

Results - HD Tune Pro 4.6 & PCMark 7

HD Tune Pro 4.6

HD Tune is a popular benchmarking tool for measuring the performance of storage drives. The performance of the Intel SSD 520 series here was generally good and on par with the fastest drives in the market currently. Compared to the older SSD 510 series, the new drive from Intel was markedly faster and had noticeably better performance in write performance and also in instances where they had to do random operations.


PCMark 7

PcMark 7 is the latest benchmarking suite from FutureMark that evaluates the performance of Windows 7 machines. It tests a wide range workloads and aspects of the system ranging from computation, image and video manipulation and storage. We’ll be looking solely at the storage test here.

On PCMark 7, the Intel SSD 520 series scored a respectable 5483 PCMarks, which places it right at the top along with the Patriot and Kingston SSDs. It also did noticeably better than the older SSD 510 series drive.

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  • Performance 8.5
  • Features 7
  • Value 8
The Good
Class-leading performance
Much improved over Intel SSD 510 series
Special firmware exclusive to Intel
The Bad
Slightly pricey
Below average IOPS performance on Iometer
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