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I used a S$999 Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner for a month. This is what I learned

By Alvin Soon - 3 Mar 2018
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So good, so expensive

So good, so expensive

After a month of getting to know the Dyson V8 in all sorts of dirty situations, I’ve found it to be a thoughtfully designed machine. 

It’s easy to handle, maneuverable, and the various attachments give it a lot of cleaning reach and flexibility. 30 minutes of battery life (with the soft roller cleaner head) will be short for some, but I always managed to vacuum my 1,400 square foot flat within 25 minutes.

But that price, though. For most people, S$999 to S$1,099 is a lot of coin to drop for a vacuum cleaner. If you’ve been blessed by the gods of fortune and can drop that amount without hesitation, then I think you’ll find the V8 a good vacuum cleaner.

For those who need to chew on it more, here’s what I’d think might make the V8 worthwhile: Convenience and power.

The V8 is cordless, and because of how easy it is to unplug and go, I’ve vacuumed more than I would’ve with my old corded vacuum. The V8 doubles as a handheld, which is great for dusting, and also for cleaning the car, something I usually have to pay to get done.

I actually enjoy cleaning and keeping things neat, and the V8 makes it easy to do that. In the past, I waited until I had spare time to do a proper sweep of the house, since bringing out my old corded vacuum felt like a small ceremony of its own.

But with the V8, I’ve performed more acts of random cleaning, whenever I’ve had a few spare minutes or spotted some dirt lying around. The V8 makes it easy; unplug, vacuum, plug it back. No fumbling with power cords or lugging around a vacuum involved.

You can get other cordless vacuums for the same convenience and cheaper price, but the V8 also has power, with enough suction for most filthy needs. A ‘Max’ switch is there to dial up the power for when you need more.

If you enjoy cleaning like I do, then the V8 is a tool that makes it a little more delightful. And if you don’t, well, maybe the V8’s convenience — and the price you pay for it — will encourage you to do it a little more.

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  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • User-Friendliness 9
  • Performance 9
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Design makes it easy to maneuver
Powerful suction for deep cleaning
Lots of attachments for flexible cleaning
The V8 itself is easy to clean
The Bad
30 minutes runtime (with motorized heads) will be short for some
Takes 5.5 hours to fully recharge
Expensive, seriously
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