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GeCube Radeon X1650 PRO Platinum Preview

By Vincent Chang - 10 Sep 2006

Results - Quake 4 (OpenGL SM2.0+ Benchmark)

Results - Quake 4 (OpenGL SM2.0+ Benchmark)

The final benchmark, Quake 4 only confirmed our findings so far: the overclocked GeCube hardly had a lead over the older Radeon X1600 XT. One can easily predict that a normal clocked Radeon X1650 PRO would be level with the Radeon X1600 XT. This also meant that the GeForce 7300 GT, especially the overclocked, DDR3 versions, will again feature prominently as the closest competitor in both price and performance. In Quake 4, it was mostly equal with both ATI cards when antialiasing was enabled and when this was disabled, it emerged the faster.

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