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First Looks: Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset

By Seow Tein Hee - 26 May 2009

Bite-Sized Noise

Bite-Sized Noise

If you've heard about the Jawbone Bluetooth headset, rejoice, because here comes the Jawbone 2. Here's our take on this tiny and sleek Bluetooth headset that makes other headsets in the market appear humongous.

Leather Comfort

For the leather lovers, the ear hook for the Jawbone 2 is actually threaded with leather, which actually feels quite comfortable. In keeping with its minimalist look, you won't find any visible buttons on the Jawbone 2.

However, creating the Jawbone 2's sleek look has a downside in the form of its usability. We found the earclip too small to grip securely onto the ear. Often, we would find the device slipping from our ears with little effort. This is obviously not ideal , seeing as how the small white rubber at the end of the device is supposed to be in constant contact with your cheek to operate the voice activity sensor that detects vibrations as you speak. Without doing so, it does bring the voice quality down a notch for the receiving party, but not to the point where a conversation can't be held.

Noise Killer

The Jawbone 2 comes with the NoiseAssassin feature that claims to reduce the background noise level as heard by the receiving party. We pressed and held the NoiseAssassin button (at the back of the device) and the Power button (on the body of the device) for two seconds, paired it up to our mobile phones, and started jabbering away.

By default, the NoiseAssassin function is enabled hence it took us by surprise when we received a discernible amount of static on our end. However, the receiver found it clear and audible. The noise canceling did work well in high volume areas such as roads and shopping malls, but once we were in a quiet zone, the other end wasn't able to pick up what we were saying. This is only rectified by switching the NoiseAssassin feature off.

Bite-Sized Thoughts

Small as it may be, the Jawbone 2 packs quite an insane amount of juice. Specified as having 8 days worth of standby or 4 hours of talk time, we managed to get this thing running for almost two days. For the city slickers that want something, well, slick, check out the Jawbone 2 that's retailing now for S$219.