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Creative Sound Blaster Evo Zx Headphones - Every Feature You Could Ask For
By Hurrairah bin Sohail - 27 Aug 2013
Launch SRP: S$299


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Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel

The audio processing chip used within the Creative Evo Zx headphones is the SB-Axx1. This is the same chip that was used in the Creative Sound BlasterAxx family of speakers previously. Essentially, it's a multi-core voice and audio effects processor and is mainly tasked with the job of delivering quality audio. Much of its capabilities are realized via the the host of audio features that are made available as part of the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel. Basic aspects such as bass, treble and surround sound adjustments can be easily controlled via the program, but the control panel's functionality is much more comprehensive than just that.

Integral to the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel are the SBX Studio Pro Technologies available under the SBX Profile. Three preset profiles in the shape of Music, Movies and Gaming can be found. Each profile offers different levels for "Surround", "Crystalizer" and "Bass" effects. You can have a look at the settings for the profiles in the screenshots below.

The Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel provides access to three specific profile modes for different usage scenarios.

The Music profile has minimal usage of the SBX technologies aiming for a balanced natural sound.

As you can see the Movie profile has higher levels for SBX Surround effect and the Dialog Plus feature is also turned on by default.

The Gaming mode has higher SBX Crytalizer levels and Smart Volume has also been activated by default. This is to help gamers quickly register sharp sounds like footfalls or gunshots.

Users can also tweak the profiles according to their own preferences. In addition, each profile comes with a fully customizable Equalizer as well. Equalizer presets such as Acoustic, Jazz, Pop, Rock and much more are also present.

For the audiophiles, you can tinker around with the EQ settings of the profiles and save them so that your preferences take precedence.

Other features include Smart Volume and Smart Dialog, which are options you expect to find more commonly on sound bars. Smart Volume allows for choosing between “Normal”, “Loud” and “Night” modes. However, why you would need a “Night” mode setting for circumaural, closed back headphones is quite puzzling. That being said, other Creative audio devices can also be paired with the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel and the night mode may be useful with speakers. Smart Dialog, as the name suggests, gives greater prominence to the dialogue in a movie and can be helpful in certain cases.

It may only have a single set of drivers, but with the help of SBX technologies the Evo Zx can emulate 7.1-channel surround sound.

The Mixer tab on the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel can be used to adjust the volume levels of the microphone and audio playback.

Do note that the Evo Sound Blaster Control Panel has a minimum OS requirement of either Windows Vista 32-bit or Apple OSX 10.5.8.


Sound Blaster Central App

Not only the does the Creative Evo Zx come with a control panel for the PC and notebook systems, there is also an audio control app for both Apple (iOS v5 or higher) and Google (Android v2.2 or higher) smart devices. This means users can have the same options and customization features available to them on the go.

After pairing the Evo Zx, this is the main page for the Sound Blaster Central App. The app functions like a smart device version of the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel for PC. Users can select the from the same three profiles on the app. For the profiles themselves, the same customizable options are available to the user.


In addition to the aforementioned features, the Sound Blaster Central app also allows you to switch on Bluetooth and pair devices directly from its user interface. CrystalVoice, which will be discussed in just a while, is also a feature that is present for the smartphone. The alarm call feature however is one that is unique to the Sound Blaster Central app and is not available to PC users.


Other additional goodies in the Sound Blaster Central app is a battery life indicator for the Evo Zx headphones. Sound Blaster Central app controls can also be included in the pull down notifications menu. The Sound Blaster Central app is not just for the Evo Zx but can be used for other Creative audio products that also feature the SB-Axx1 chip.


No gaming headphone is complete without a microphone and for the Evo Zx, Creative has done away with the traditional intrusive boom or arm microphone other gaming headsets sport. Instead the headphone has a cardioid array microphone which Creative has christened it the Voice Focus Beam Forming Microphone. This feature is located on the right ear-cup.

The Voice Focus Beam Forming microphone are denoted by the hexagonal silver shapes found on the right ear-cup of the Evo Zx.

In addition, CrystalVoice technologies have been incorporated into the Evo Zx for improved voice reproduction. CrystalVoice includes features for acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction. There are also a number of effects available for those who would like to modulate their voice and have fun over VoIP calls!

CrystalVoice is part of the Sound Blaster Evo Control Panel and the Sound Blaster Central app.

So far, the Creative Evo Zx seems to be a headphone set that can address any and all needs with a chest full of features and good build. But how does it really stack up to our standards? Stay tuned for our updates regarding the comfort levels and audio performance as we spend more time with the headphones.

  • Design 7.5
  • Performance 7
  • Features 9
  • Value 7.5
The Good
Full Range of connectivity options
Impressive app for smart devices
Good microphone
The Bad
Bass heavy tone
Requires constant tweaking of audio settings
Uncomfortable fit for some people
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