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Borderlands 3 (PS4) Review: A shoot-and-loot party where everyone's invited

By Kenneth Ang & Tim Augustin - 16 Oct 2019

Welcome back, Vault Hunters!

Borderlands 3 is one of our hottest titles this year for a variety of reasons. But here's the most important one: it's actually here. It's been seven long years, but it seems our lengthy wait for a real sequel (that little side gig we had on Elpis doesn’t count) has finally paid off! 

There’s A LOT to talk about, and with there being more than one planet to explore this time, the HWZ team decided to dispatch a second Vault Hunter, Tim to help investigate the Children of the Vault as well. 

With that, let’s climb aboard Sanctuary, grab a drink at Moxxi’s and find out what those pesky bandits are up to. Best be prepared for a long flight.


Who's who in Borderlands 3?

If you know thyself, thy bandit and thy gun-with-legs, you need not fear the result of a hundred Vaults...or something. Point being; it’s good to know who you’ll be bringing to the fight, and what tools they have at their disposal. So, before we dive into the Vaults proper, let’s do a stocktake of our four new Vault Hunters. 

Moze the Gunner: Moze is a former Vladof Ursa Corps soldier whose team was sent on a suicide mission and left for dead. However, she survived thanks to her trusty mech Iron Bear, and now roams the galaxy scavenging for parts (and money) to keep her best pal in one piece. 

Amara the Siren: Amara is one of the universe’s six Sirens and a well-known brawler called the “Tiger of Partali”. Her reasons for coming to Pandora are simple: she’s just looking for a good fight. 

FL4K the Beastmaster: Arguably the most enigmatic of the four, FL4K roams from world to world, following his instincts and the thrill of the hunt. Of course, he’s not alone. He commands four different pets in battle: a skag, jabber, spiderant and a pair of rakk. 

Zane the Operative: Zane is a retired corporate hitman and the youngest of Pandora’s three Flynt brothers. As an assassin, it's only natural that many people want him dead, and so he's opted to lay low on Pandora for a while.


So what's going on in the Borderlands?

Just to get everyone up to speed on events since Borderlands 2 - the tyrant Handsome Jack has been defeated, and the Crimson Raiders came into possession of a map showing the location of other Vaults across the cosmos. 

However, they lost it soon after. Typical. 

Now a new threat has risen on Pandora in the form of Troy and Tyreen Calypso, powerful Siren twins who lead the Children of the Vault bandit clan. Their aim is to harness the power of the Vaults, but we'll leave you to find out the "why" for yourselves. *wink*

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  • Playability 8.5
  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 8
  • Addictiveness 8
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Gameplay is dynamic and significantly more fleshed out than before
Good variety of visuals, aesthetics and character development
Easy to pick up and play for anyone
Streamlined co-op experience
The Bad
Overall lack of story focus
Post-game is fun but can get rather stale
Dialogue can feel forced and excessive at times
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