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Apple iPad - Sheer Tablet Brilliance

By Kenny Yeo - 7 May 2010

iPad vs iPhone Apps

iPad vs iPhone Apps

Since the iPad runs an iPhone OS, it'll run apps made for the iPhone and iPod Touch without a hitch. But it's not perfect though. The only issue with running apps made for the iPhone and iPod Touch is that these apps are not made to run well on the iPad's higher resolution screen, as the images below will show. For now, only iPad-specific apps will run full screen.

Apps made for the iPhone and iPod Touch will not take up the entire screen, leaving unsightly and huge black borders. This is the popular Echofon Twitter client.

You can, however, blow them up by zooming in, but if you do, they'll end up looking slightly pixilated (though it's not very visible in this screen capture).

On the other hand, the iPad-specific Twitter client Twitterific ran perfectly and utilizes the extra screen space to benefit users.

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The Good
Gorgeous screen
Form factor is just right
Blazing fast and ultra responsive
The Bad
Restricted in some ways by the iPhone OS
Screen is highly reflective
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