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Apple iPad - Sheer Tablet Brilliance

By Kenny Yeo - 7 May 2010

Battery Life

Battery Life

The iPad comes with a built-in non-removable 25Wh rechargeable lithium ion battery that Apple states is good for about 10 hours of continuous music and video playback. To test this, we looped a H.264-encoded 480p video of the movie Avatar which we downloaded off the iTunes Store. Brightness and volume was set at the half level, which is more than adequate for personal enjoyment.

In this test, the iPad managed an impressive 11 hours and 20 minutes!. Good for nearly five back-to-back runs of Avatar. Unless you are really trying to drain the battery, chances are the iPad will pack enough juice for anyone for a full day's trot. And as you can see from the graphs below, no netbook in the market even comes close; let alone tablet PCs. Same goes for mobile phones, but that's to be expected.

The downside to the iPad's amazing battery life is that the iPad takes a long time to charge. If the batteries are flat, expect the full charge symbol to appear only after 4 to 5 hours, and that's with the bundled wall charger. Most USB ports on computers won't supply enough wattage to charge the iPad quick enough.

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The Good
Gorgeous screen
Form factor is just right
Blazing fast and ultra responsive
The Bad
Restricted in some ways by the iPhone OS
Screen is highly reflective
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