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AOC 53-X i2353Ph Monitor - Open, Set, Go!

By Hurrairah bin Sohail - 17 Apr 2012

AOC 53-X i2353Ph Monitor Review

This article first appeared in HWM Nov 2011.

Open, Set, Go!

Leveraging on In-Plane Switching technology, the AOC i2353Ph 53-X series 23-inch LED IPS Monitor is able to bring you Full HD display capabilities, while still measuring in at just 9.2mm deep on its sides. The overall design of the i2353Ph greatly impresses, with a brushed-aluminum finish that gives the monitor a modern feel. This display sports a 23-inch screen size, though we do wish that the bezel was slightly slimmer than the 17mm it currently stands at.

The i2353Ph doesn’t require any assembly at all and is ready for use right from the get go. With its flat, circular base providing stability as well as tilt adjustments, you can have the monitor perched on your desk and ready to roll in no time at all.

AOC has also decided to place all buttons and ports on the base which makes them easy to access. Four touch-enabled buttons on the upward facing side of the base controls basic functions such as powering on (or off) the device, as well as navigating the menu options. Actuation and response time for the buttons is excellent, with the actions of your results instantly reflected on screen.

The HDMI and VGA video input ports are located at the back; a selection not at all uncommon these days. There’s also a 3.5mm audio input jack, as the i2353Ph also happens to sport built-in speakers. Of course, audio performance for speakers like these is merely so-so, and you’d certainly do better with a dedicated set for your music and gaming needs. The audio is strictly for basic needs only.

Running the i2353Ph through our standard calibration tests, we got a better sense of what the hardware is capable of. With a white luminescence of 204.2 cd/m2 and a black luminescence of 0.34 cd/m2, the screen is capable of displaying images in high quality. This was evident in our viewing tests as the monitor performed admirably when tasked with reproducing the vivid shadows and interplay of light in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride animation. However we found that screen uniformity left a lot to be desired, as obvious bleeding of light from the edges was visible during black screen tests.

On the whole though, the i2353Ph is a no-nonsense monitor for the modern viewer. It has all the requisite hardware and technology to deliver high level performance. The best part is that the only effort required on the part of the user is to plug it in to power socket after removing it out of its packaging. Standard settings of 50 per cent brightness and 50 per cent contrast work like a charm and not much tweaking was required. If you do wish to tailor the display to your preferred taste, all the usual expected options are at your disposal. The i2353Ph will set you back by S$329, which is not that much at all for a monitor of this caliber and specification.

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