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AMD A10-5800K 'Black Edition' Trinity APU - AMD Takes HSA to Newer Heights

By Wong Chung Wee - 27 Nov 2012
Launch SRP: S$169

Results - Far Cry 2 & Battlefield Bad Company 2

Far Cry 2 Results

On this page of results, we continue reporting graphics performance with regards to the influence of a change in the platform while maintaining the same discrete GPU. The Trinity APU's performance is better than Llano, but still trailed the Core i3-3220.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Results

On the more taxing Battlefield Company 2, the A10-5800K turned in much better performance, almost breaking over the 80 FPS mark, while the Llano and Intel Core i3-3220 processors turned in the two lowest results on these tests.

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  • Performance 7.5
  • Features 8.5
  • Value 8.5
The Good
Excellent SoC solution for mainstream users
Ideal for HTPC and compact desktops
Affordable GPU boost with Dual Graphics
Low power consumption
Multi-monitor gaming capable
Good value
The Bad
Poor compute performance in some tests
Doesn't perform better than Llano all the time
Dual Graphics doesn't work with 7000 series GPUs
No FM1 socket support
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