PowerLogic Alien G9 Gaming Mouse
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PowerLogic Alien G9 Gaming Mouse

The PowerLogic Alien G9 is the most sensitive mouse yet, boasting an amazing 6000 dpi tracking resolution.

Product Specification

Mouse Type Gaming Mouse
Buttons 9
Resolution 6000 dpi
Other Features Magnetic Weight Management System
Operating System Compatibility Windows & Mac OS X

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Rating by User:

The mouse feels perfect for people with smaller hand size. The rubber grip on the right side of the mouse does feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But once you get used to it, it'll be fine.

As for the Dpi settings, its way too sensitive if you were to use the 6000 dpi setting. Basically, at 3200 dpi, the mouse is already quite sensitive. Thus I feel that the 6000 dpi was an overkill. There wasn't a need for it.

The software is a big issue if you decide to buy this mouse. It took me quite some time to find, download and install the software so as to do the necessary customization like the colour of the LED, the function of the mouse buttons and the Dpi settings. The Disc given was a blunder. The website of Powerlogic was dead. Their alternate website does not have any sections for you to download the softwares. Their customer feedback and query section is also dead. Thus, you have to google it yourself.

Overall, I feel that this mouse does feel great considering the price, $79 (promotion price). It's definitely worth the grab. The comfort of this mouse is again suited for people with smaller hands and it fits perfectly for me and thus I give it a 6/10 score.

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