Lexmark S815 Genesis
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Lexmark S815 Genesis

Overall rating 8.5/10
Most Innovative Product

Features of the Lexmark S815 Genesis include Flash Scan camera technology; a 10MP imaging sensor which gives an instant preview, Vizix print technology; which uses separate ink cartridges for faster printing, and a large 4.3-inch color touch-screen.

Tags: inkjet, lexmark
Fast scanning
Good print quality
Custom apps enhance usability
Scan quality not dramatically better
Only one paper input tray
No ADF function

Product Specification

Print Technology Thermal inkjet
Resolution Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi (Black) / Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (Color)
Number of Inks 4
Print Speed Up to 33ppm (draft, black) / up to 30ppm (draft, colour) / 10.4 ppm in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734 (laser quality, black) / 6.6 ppm in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734 (laser quality, CMY)
Paper Sizes 10 envelope, 7 3/4 envelope, 9 envelope, A4, A5, B5 envelope, C5 envelope, DL envelope, 6 3/4 envelope, A2 Baronial, A6 card, B5, C6 envelope, custom (up to 8.5 x 17"), Hagaki card, Executive, Legal, Letter, 4 x 6", 2L, Chokei 3, Chokei 4, Chokei 40, Kakugata 3, Kakugata 4, Kakugata 5, Kakugata 6, 5 x 7", 13 x 18 cm, 10 x 15 cm, 10 x 20 cm, 4 x 8"
Paper Capacity 100 pages 75 gsm bond (Input) / 50 pages 75 gsm bond (Output)
Auto Duplex Function? Integrated duplex
OS Support Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / Vista x64 / XP / XP Pro x64, Apple Mac OS X (10.4.4-10.6.x Intel, 10.3.9 Power PC, 10.4.4-10.5.x PowerPC), Linux
Interface USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, PictBridge, USB pass-through via PictBridge Port, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
Dimensions 420 x 386 x 321mm
Weight 8.7kg

5 user review(s)


Rating by User:

I just realized that Lexmark has an online store for selling cartridges now.
Free delivery for orders over $80 (which is easily achieved when u buy all the colors) and i realized that the delivery charge is $8 for orders below $80 which is acceptable.
Thank you Lexmark!
The store is located over at http://store.lexmark.com.sg


Rating by User:

I am back to conclude my not so pleasant story with Lexmark at start, with a happy “ending” story.
Local support escalated my case to upper management and finally put their act together to provide appropriate customer recovery actions and win back a disheartened new customer.

A Senior Service Engineer was dispatched immediately to setup and test another new printer onsite, followed by several calls from management and support engineer to apologize for the lapses and to ensure I am a happy customer before he was allowed to leave. It turns out there was firmware issue on the earlier sets.

As a service provider myself and having worked in various industries and in various positions, I viewed that there was one factor to blame -– communication.
Somewhere somehow, the link between the helpdesk (located outside Singapore), local support engineers and some 3rd party is not complete and hence customer not promptly updated.

Yes, my first encounter with Lexmark support was not perfect, but since the management and support engineer have acknowledged the lapses and apologized, I should put this episode behind and give my Lexmark S815 a second chance.
Right now, I’m relying on this fast workhorse to churn out worksheets daily for my children.
As an environmentalist, duplex printing is a must and for those geeks who love bell and whistle like me, Lexmark’s printer will not disappoint you.


Rating by User:

Below is summary of my ordeal, read and decide yourself.
I were disappointed not once, not twice, not thrice but four times in a row !
Now only to deeply regret making the switch to Lexmark from my trusted and popular brands I relied for decades.

I WERE impressed by the many good review of your latest Genesis S815. With good promotional price during first day of PC Show 2011, I became the first few customers of S815. And the beginning of my ordeal too !

(1st disappointment)
...it ends up printing blank pages.
Several attempts to re-install ink cartridges and deep printhead cleans failed.
The ink levels dropped to 50% without printing a single dot.

(2nd disappointment)
... was told Lexmark don't provide ON-SITE support for inkjet printer. But I argued that the box printed "Protection Guarantee - 3 Year ON-SITE exchange" and the salesman at PC Show confirmed that.
The support guy said he would have to escalate my case to his supervisor and will get back to me by next day.
With great disbelief, I asked if the management need more than 24hrs to decide whether to honor its support for customers !
Only after some assertion of customer support as Lexmark promised, ...I got two calls to confirm they will replace a new set the nxt day.
As both could not provide a specific schedule for delivery, I have take a day off from work to wait for replacement.
I specifically mentioned not to unpack the box as to ensure is direct from factory and not a "re-conditioned" printer from other somewhere. I wrote an email to him to remind the again.

(3rd disappointment)
I waited and waited, till 3.30pm. I chat with support again on delivery status. To my horror, the reply was "Sorry, NO Stock, cannot deliver today... would take some time for new stock.."
I questioned if Lexmark is taking customer like a fool, give empty promises, let customer wait whole day without update and only when I call upon, that you say NO STOCK, sorry.

Again, after some assertion and "threat" to complain to top management about the incident, the "support" escalated my case to "super urgent". Then I was told they got whole of a new set and promised to deliver nxt day.
Again, I reminded her do not unpack the box, as I want to ensure is a brand new replacement set !

(4th disappointment)
Finally replacement set arrived, with SCRATCHES and... you call this NEW set ? The box look old and dented and the wrapper obviously re-pasted.
The deliveryman told me they have to unpack "to test the printer".
BULLSHIT !!! Do you have to remove all the wrappers to test ? And is Lexmark support listening to customer's request ? I want a new replacement set.
Nevermind, I put in the ink cartridges and... WOW ! Lexmark has invented INVISIBLE INK technology !
Blank pages again !

I have been using inkjet printers for decades, and cannot be I do not know how to operate.
Unless Lexmark's latest printer is for NASA scientists only !

I have no more faith in Lexmark product and "support" if you call that.


Rating by User:

A very beautiful printer with flash scan ( i was skeptical at first but was blown away by the scan speed when i saw the demo live).
Fast print speed (in draft mode but GOOD enough for day2day use)
Photo print out comparable to Canon
Nice smart apps
Nice touch screen interface!!!!! :)

No ADF - not a big deal cos this printer is never mean to be a workhorse...
Only abt 100 pages in the tray.

Good buy nevertheless!!!


Rating by User:

Great looking printer with very decent print speed and quality + super fast scanning!
A rare combination of beauty and function.

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