Dyson V11 Absolute
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Dyson V11 Absolute

Overall rating 8.5/10

The Dyson V11 Absolute has an LCD to report system performance in real time and comes with a High Torque cleaner head that automatically adapts between carpets and hard floors.

Powerful suction
Countdown timer is useful
Good battery life
Heavier than V10

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Rating by User:

When we first unpack from the box, we are pleasantly surprised by how many kinds of "heads" are included for different purpose.

First look this looks very aesthetically pleasing, especially the electronic battery indicator. There are 3 different modes, and telling a very good estimate how long the battery will last. Attaching the parts together was easy, and can be done without any instruction manual.

We already owned another similar looking product from another brand, but trying it out for the first time, the difference was obvious already. The V11 is a hands down winner, with the powerful suction, and smooth gliding along almost any surface. We especially like the many kind of "heads", for all the weird corners of the house.

Cleaning the set was also easy. Just empty the bin regularly, and wash clean the filter on a monthly basis. The washable filter is a plus as it is effectively a $0 maintenance going forward.

A small minor issue is that the holder for the v11 needs to be drilled into the wall. Other similar brand which we owns uses a high suction pad which requires no drilling, and can very securely hold the vacuum in place (1 year and no issue of it falling).

Last but not least, the high price point will probably deter potential buyers. Even with this said, it will definitely be a good piece of item to have at home if one can afford it.


Rating by User:

This is my First Cordless vacuum cleaner - Dyson V11 Absolute+. Previously, I have been using a cord, water base heavy and bulky vacuum cleaner with a strong suction. Due to its size and difficulty in maneuvering, I only use it once per week or fortnightly. I needed something easier to use, something lighter, more efficient and something that I won’t think twice about picking up to help in daily living. Fast forward, am currently using Dyson v11 everyday, whenever I see bits of hair or dust on the floor I would pick Dyson v11 up, vacuuming/ removing debris has become such a breeze! What I like about Dyson v11: - Cordless with a rotating hinge head making maneuvering easy - high tech soothing sound when vacuuming compared to normal vacuum cleaners that are noisy when it is on - good suction for sucking up dust - good battery life that could last me for cleaning my whole home which includes four rooms, balcony, living room, dining room, service balcony, 2 toilets, corridor leading to rooms and living room - big canister to store dirt - parts are easy to detach - trigger to turn on v11 is conveniently positioned at the part u place your index finger thus saving energy as u can choose to only trigger it on when u need. - the stand helps to hold v11 in place while not in use and charging. It helps to conceal the wires very nicely and looks sleek standing in a corner of the room. - comes with different heads that serves well for different functions - the auto mode makes cleaning easier and more efficient as it changes the suction level required automatically depending on the surface that it is vacuuming What I feel Dyson v11 can do better: - it is not waterproof, thus it cannot vacuum wet places, suck up water and dirt from air con pipes or suck up small paddles of water if u accidentally spill water on the floor - it does not have a floor mopping function thus u still have to mop the floor with your usual mopper to ensure all specks of dust is picked up To summarize, Dyson v11 is AWESOME and a lifesaver!


Rating by User:

This Dyson V11 Absolute+ is my second Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I have been using the Dyson V8 Fluffy prior to this.

V11 Absolute+ VS V8 Fluffy

- Both the V11 Absolute+ and V8 Fluffy are super easy and straight forward to assemble.

- V11+ has a bigger canister as compared to the V8.

- It is also so much easier to empty the V11+ as compared to the V8. The V11+’s canister shoots forward, opening the lid and forcing the debris and dust out.

- The V11+ has a longer battery life as compared to the V8.

- The V11+ has 3 different settings (Eco, Auto and Boost) while the V8 only has 2 (Mid and Max).

- The V11+ also comes with an advanced digital screen that displays features like its cleaning mode, estimated remaining run time and battery life while the V8 does not include any digital screen.

- The V11+ has this amazing auto mode that allows it to automatically adjust the suction power based on the floor type and level of debris. Using the power where you actually need meaning saving its battery life and lesser time on the charger.

- The V11+ feel slightly heavier compared to the V8 when used as a handheld vacuum.

The amount of debris and dust these Dyson vacuum cleaners are able to trap still amazes me every time. I would definitely recommend this Dyson V11 Absolute+ to everyone. Although it has a high price tag for a vacuum cleaner, it is worth the investment.


Rating by User:

An Overwhelmingly Superior Vacuum In Every Way

My prior experience with vacuums include a corded vacuum, an older Dyson V8, as well as a robot vacuum.
Having had the Dyson V11 Absolute for 2 weeks now, I feel that I have gotten a grip on the strengths and weaknesses of the V11 compared to all the other products that I’ve used along the line.

Battery Life
Knowing the battery life means that I can rarely charge the V11 unless needed to.
This in turn saves my electricity cost since I don’t have to leave it on 24/7. The same could not be said for my robot vacuum though.

The V8 only had Mid and Max. The V11 does the performance of the V8’s Mid in its Eco setting; the lowest setting out of the 3 speeds the V11 has! This results in more usage out of the V11 before its next charge.
The only minor downside is that the V11 can’t remember my last speed setting and defaults back to Medium after around 5 minutes on idle.

The Soft Dusting Brush is so versatile! I use it for everything surface related! It cleans the trail of snack crumbs on the bed, keyboard, sofa, speaker grill, table, and I even use it to suck out linen from the Clothes Dryer’s filter. It beats changing attachments every time and just stick with the 2-3 most versatile attachments that I use most.
That’s where the small clip that you attach to the tube really helps. There is a no longer a need to go grab the small attachments from the drawer and carrying them in a bag before I am off to clean. The 2 other attachments is always on the tube and ready for use at any time.
The Direct Drive Motor Head, an attachment for carpets and hard floors works so well on the V11, there’s no need to use the Soft Roller for hard floor cleaning. On Auto mode, it vacuums through both surfaces and automatically adjust its suction power without my intervention.

The V11 has truly defined grab-and-go to a whole new level. It’s as simple as grabbing the V11, going straight to the spot where the mess is, clean it up and putting it back. If you find it to sound too simple and fast, well it is! Having to sweep meant that I’ll have to try to get as much of the mess into the scooper which in turn adds more time, and especially when using a robot vacuum where I can’t really I can’t use the entire area to not block its way while its cleaning the entire area for 20 minutes. The Dyson V11 best both methods with its simplicity, ease of use and speedy cleaning, it truly is a device that us modern household owners should have.


Rating by User:

Prior to this, I have only used a really old corded vacuum cleaner which is very very noisy. I heard really great reviews about Dyson vacuum cleaner and jumped at the chance of trying it out. Upon receiving it, I was really excited and impressed by the sleek packaging. I opened it like a kid on Christmas and read through the manual provided. I knew nothing about the attachments and researched about the individual parts to determine what is best for my task. I settled on the fluffy.

Pros: I love the fluffy head. Vacuums dust really well. I love the timing indicator as I can plan my vacuum schedule It is super super easy to attach the heads to the vacuum It is extremely easy to empty the bin The vacuum is significantly softer than the normal vacuum. Listening to music while vacuuming is made possible without blasting the speakers Cordless vacuum means freedom to vacuum any place you wish without the hassle of plugging in

Cons: I can't seem to get the head to move straight even if I straighten it before moving. Might need to take some getting used to Unable to vacuum some areas like under the tv console due to the handle The vacuum motor is quite heavy. Gave me a very bad backache after just 10mins of vacuuming The vacuum works best when pulling it towards you. Pushing it away from you does not vacuum much. Mostly it just pushes the dust away. Seems to only work by pulling it towards you.

I will recommend this to people who enjoy the convenience of a stick vacuum, but would not recommend to people with a weak back or back problems as the weight of the motor is a real problem. Also not recommended for people who need to vacuum under furniture with really low height. The handle of the vacuum does get in the way.

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