Dyson Digital Slim
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Lightweight with powerful suction
Plenty of attachments included
Handles corners and edges very well
Easy to empty and clean
Battery life too short to larger homes
Small bin needs to be emptied often

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Rating by User:

As all of you may aware that there are 2 models in the Digital Slim™ series – Fluffy Extra and Fluffy Pro. I done some research and found out that the key difference is that Fluffy Pro comes with a standalone docking stand know as Dyson Digital Slim Dok™ which allows one to place the docking stand anywhere in the house, and this is not ship standard with Fluffy Extra. With the docking stand, you do not need drill holes on the wall to fix up the wall cradle at a fix location. Hence, Fluffy Pro is our selection.
Do note, you can purchase the docking stand separately for the Fluffy Extra.
Here is my experience:
A. Pro / Likes:
1. Light weight – This one is light weight, and easily maneuver around with ease
2. Noise – compare with my other brand, this one is much quiet
3. LED screen – compare with my other brand, this one has a small LED to let you know the battery status.
4. Docking Stand – It allows me to dock my Fluffy pro, and allows me to place it anywhere next to a wall socket (for charging). If I do not have this stand, I would need to find a permanent location to fix the wall cradle, which is a luxury that I do not have (my house is too small).
B. Cons / Dislikes:
1. Trigger – Once will need to hold onto the trigger using your index finger to “power” up the cleaner. You will lose power if your index finger did not “hold” correctly. I would prefer a power button – one press to power-on, another press to power-off. Easy and no stress to your index finger
2. Adapters (Quick-release up-top adapter and Low-reach Adapter) – These 2 adapters did not ship standard with Fluffy Pro. This is another difference with Fluffy Extra. Instead, these 2 adapters are standard accessories ship standard with the Fluffy Extra. And these 2 adapters are great, and I’m wonder why it is not make as standard accessories for Fluffy Pro.


Rating by User:

First off, I need to comment how gorgeous the colour looks! A metallic matte purple sheen. Currently owned a V8 slim fluffy and I'm excited to see if there will be any significant difference between these 2 models. First look, they look pretty similar other than the colour. It comes with additional attachments - up top adaptor and low reach adaptor. As the name suggests, it is an additional attachment before you attach the cleaner head so it makes it easier to reach the higher area (e.g. top of shelf) or lower area (underneath sofa/mattress). I also like how the digital slim feels lighter and easier on the wrist. It also comes with a digital panel to show the 3 different modes - eco, med, boost and the remaining run time before you need a charge. The bin for V8 empties from below whereas this Digital slim empties from the front of barrel. You just need to push and pull the red latch at the bottom. I find this to be even more convenient and easier to empty out the dirt. Setting up the Dyson Digital Slim was super easy. I didn't need any instruction manual. It was all just clicking together and pushing the red button when you need to detach it. It comes with the standard clenaer head, light pipe crevice tool, combination tool, mini motorised tool and a mattress tool. The Dyson Digital Slim seems quieter as compared to the V8. Yet, the suction power remains highly efficient. The charge time is about 3.5-4 hrs. Even though the eco mode says it can run for about 40 minutes, I never had to use it for that long since I vacuumed almost daily and the machine is very efficient in picking up dust. For an apartment of about 105sqm, I could use at least 4-5 times before I need a charge again. If you are considering whether to ditch that conventional vacuum cleaner and switch up to a cordless one, you won't regret getting this. A cordless one is so much more convenient and I regret not getting one much earlier. And if you are thinking of switching up from your current cordless machine, give it a try at the store if you could. I am in love with the colour and also the additional improvements over my current V8 and would think the upgrade is definitely worth it.


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Dyson digital slim is cordless and really light - useful for having kids clean up after themselves. The smaller size is perfect for smaller homes where it can be difficult to navigate under the beds and tables in the confines of a small room, dyson digital slim is nimble enough to do that. On a full charge and eco mode, the dyson digital slim is able to navigate all 3 floors without a break, and the suction on eco mode is already able to pick up more dust as compared to my past corded vacuums. I just hope the battery does not lose its charge over time and that the suctions lasts. I like that it comes w many attachments - personally using 1 for indoor flooring, 1 for bedding, 1 to vacuum the interior of cars, and 1 for the outdoor flooring. Would greatly appreciate if dyson could include a printed instruction manual for a quick orientation of what each attachment should be used for. I had based it on my own judgement. I would highly recommend those living in smaller houses to get the digital slim version of the vacuum. For larger houses, the classic model might be more suited as it has a larger bin capacity. Overall, great suction and battery life.


After almost 2 weeks of using the Dyson digital slim vacuum cleaner, finally I am here to write my reviews. I have never have a cordless vacuum cleaner before, I bought a corded vacumn cleaner as it is cheaper compared to cordless because vacuum cleaner is a must in a household. However, after 2-3 vacuuming with the corded I finally gave up as it is very from troublesome to move around in a house that don't have a lot socket plug. Thus I opt for broom which is more comfortable1 for me. Although it is more pricey but it is definitely worth the money! Pros: 1) light weight ( much more lighter compared to corded) 2) came with many vacuum heads that will definitely suit your demand ( I am so impressed with the head that came with light which make me can see when vacuum the gap in between couch and wall) 3) very thoughtful accessories; it came with the accessories that make sure you no need to bend down and make sure you able to vacuum any corner in your house 4) excellent online usual manual; you no need to spend time to read the usual manual before use as the Dyson website had all very short video that tell you what you need to know, this is really save a lot of time. 5) easy to assemble 6) the eco mode suction is good enough to suck hair on the floor Cons: the red button that control all: we will accidentally press it even we are just shifting the vacuum. I will definitely recommend this awesome products to family and friends so they should start save up from now


Rating by User:

This is my first time using the Dyson vacuum cleaner and I am pleasantly surprised with the number of attachment tools when unboxing. Assembly was a breeze and charging time was pretty fast. I like the fact that it produces minimal noise and has pretty strong suction. Vacuuming was effortless and can be done fast and effectively. As a results, I find myself doing vacuuming more often with it around. The vacuum effectively remove the hair, dog fur, dust mites on floor, carpet and even my bed. I like the fact that I can see the amount of dust, hair and fur in the clear canister. The LED screen is also useful to show the battery life. The only setback on the vacuum is that long strands of hair will coil around inside the canister and makes it harder to remove than usual dust and fur. It might be good if a tool can be included to aid cleaning out long hair and fine dust. Else the canister will look dirty and I will get my hands dirty to rip out the hair stuck inside and wipe down the dust/ashes inside. Alternatively, I would like to be able to remove the canister for a quick wash if possible. Another point is that I will need to hold the trigger while vacuuming; which can be tiring. It might be better if an on/off switch can be build in. Just a couple of suggestions on the wish list !

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