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Dyson Cyclone V10
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Launch SRP
V10 Fluffy: S$899
V10 Absolute: S$999
V10 Absolute+: S$1,199

Dyson Cyclone V10

Overall rating 9/10

The Dyson Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a more powerful digital motor, a redesigned bin, and longer lasting battery.

Longer battery life of up to 60 mins
It handles smoothly
It has powerful suction
The bin is easier to empty
It’s easier to clean

Product Specification

No Specifications available for this product!

7 user review(s)


Rating by User:

We have had the new Dyson V10 Cyclone for about 4 weeks now and used it for everyday cleaning of our home.

We are 100% satisfied and convinced that this is a great buy for anyone who is looking for great convenience without comprising on cleanliness. The Dyson vac offers fantastic suction - it pulls out really fine dirt my old vac could not, especially hair and dirt from carpets. The battery is sufficient for our use.

As this is cordfree, its easy to manouver and surprisingly lightweight. The bin ejection is very easy to do - what a blessing! And there are multiple accessories which help me cleaning up different areas of the house - I used the soft roller to clean lampshades and it was a breeze!

The Dyson vac is excellent value for money and I would recommend it highly.


Rating by User:

Nifty vacuum to own!

- Small to handle
- Varying suction strengths for a handheld vacuum (win!)
- loads of accessories (the tiny box sure packs a bunch!)
- ease of assembly (everything just clicks together and idiot proof)
- small charger (no docking station, just a plug like a mobile charger)
- can be use as a small handheld or a full functioning vacuum
- accessories are brilliantly designed and hairs doesnt tangle up
- can be use for deep cleaning (think dust mites) or regular cleaning

- price a little on the high side
- might need substantial wrist strength to hold up vacuum + wand + accessory to vacuum big areas (wrist might ache, but can be solved by using 2 hands to vacuum)
- doesn't come with a storage rack for all the accessories so need some creativity there

Overall, it's an awesome machine to own if your budget allows it!


Rating by User:

I have just got my dyson v10 absolute+ today. Let me start with my unboxing experience which was awesome. I am surprise with how compact the packaging was. There are lots of parts for this tiny beast of machine. I am impressed with how well designed the packaging. The next thing that surprised me is the fact that dyson paid attention to how we can keep those unused parts by providing a bag for parts on top of a wall mount.
I can’t help but to immediately start using it. I’ve tried to do some light cleaning around my room right after the unboxing using the soft roller cleaner head. It cleaned really well with only LOW power setting. For those that might worried about the battery not being able to last long in MAX mode, i can assure you that MAX mode is only really necessary for stubborn dirt. Daily light cleaning would be more than sufficient with LOW power setting which gives up to 30 minutes battery life. Furthermore, coupled with how efficient the vacuum is performing, it does not take more than 5 minutes for me to go clean my whole room. Dyson Cyclone V10+ have provided us 3 motorized vacuum head. Soft Roller cleaner head, Direct drive cleaner head and Mini motorised tool.
Some user might think all they need is Soft roller cleaner head for their floor and keep the rest of the motor head until when soft roller cleaner head had problem. But i want to let other user know that Direct drive cleaner which suitable for carpet cleaning can be used for cleaning mattresses. I have tried to vacuum my mattress. I am shocked with the amount of fine dusts accumulated on my mattress! So far, my first impression has been mind blowing! I highly recommend this vacuum!


Rating by User:

This is a brilliantly engineered vacuum cleaner - light, compact, pleasant sound and quiet.

Compared to my current bagless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V10 Absolute+ is a dream to use. It is easier to handle, being a cordless model and has a more pleasant sound when switched on. However, both are equally loud, as measured using a sound meter app.

If you believe that having the right tools is half the battle won, then the V10 Absolute+ is certainly for you. With 7 different heads and/or tools (including one each hard floor and carpet), there are no lack of options for your cleaning needs.

The initial concern of having to hold the vacuum (it weights almost 3 kg with the floor head attached) all the time when cleaning the floor quickly dissipated. The floor heads rotates smoothly making it is easy to maneuver for vacuuming and the machine did not feel heavy as part of the weigh is resting on the floor head. This light and compact machine is easy to handle for overhead cleaning jobs.

I can't emphasise enough the joy of being unrestrained by a power cord, which makes cleaning so much more pleasant. The Dyson is so easy to pick and clean whatever mess that you have.

For car owners, this vacuum is very handy for cleaning your car interior due to its portability and flexi crevice tool, which extends and bends for hard to reach areas.

Disposing the rubbish is a simple task – just point it down to a bin, after removing any attachment and slide the trigger. Can't be any simpler.

Despite the small size, the suction power is adequate, just a tad weaker than my current one. This is compensated by the fact that Dyson floor head does a better job.

The battery level is shown on a 3-LED light indicator. Charging time is around 3.5 hours. There are also indicator lights to tell you when to clean the filter or when there is a blockage.

Downside is that the battery is not removable. Fortunately the battery can last for 60 minutes at the lowest power level, which is adequate for normal cleaning. Be warned though, 15 minutes is all you get at max power.

Another minor drawback is the lack of a hold function for the trigger button. This means that the button has to be continuously pressed while vacuuming.


Rating by User:


This is truly an eye opener when I received my first ever Dyson. I have always wanted to get my hands on one of Dyson's products simply because they look innovative and awesome. I have been using a corded vacuum cleaner for many years and have had many poor experience with the cordless versions.

the V10 on the other hand, is totally like none of those that i have tried beforehand! It is surprisingly light and it is extremely easy to use! it provides buttery smooth maneuvering and it allows me to reach many hard to reach spots (not ever happening with my current corded vacuum cleaner) with the many useful attachments. it is super flexible and allows me to freely transform it into a portable sofa vacuum cleaner, a laptop keyboard cleaner and so much more!

the suction power is great as well! at level 1 is great for the usual sessions and it does keep the noise to the minimum (it's not whisper quiet but it sure is alot quieter as compared to my corded vacuum cleaner). Level 2 and the Max power comes in great when you need that extra power for sofas and bedding etc..

I'll definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for that extra oomph in replacing your traditional corded vacuum cleaner, especially when one is sick and tired of tugging the cord throughout the house whenever you're trying to do a proper clean up.

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