Clickfree Wireless Backup Drive (500GB)
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Clickfree Wireless Backup Drive (500GB)

The backup software which comes with the Clickfree Wireless allows backup of your data automatically. Users can wirelessly backup multiple PCs, as long as it's been previously plugged into each machine.

Product Specification

Interface Type USB 2.0
Drive Capacity 500GB
Power Connector Yes
Other Features
  • Automatic wireless backup
  • Patented AutoRUN feature that automatically installs and sets up
  • BackupLink technology that automatically links multiple computers for backup
  • Backs up both Windows and MAC computers on the same unit
  • Smart Restore allows for easiest and totally automatic recovery of your backed up files
  • Smart Computer Migration allows for easy transferring of your data to a new computer and/or to a new operating system (Windows and Mac)
  • Smart Viewer allows for organized viewing of all your backed up data. Offers easy sharing of photos via email or Facebook
  • Built-in CD/DVD archiving utility allows for easy creation of additional copies of backed up files for sharing or safekeeping
  • Music Manager enables you to easily share all the music and playlists you have on your iPod, iPad or iPhone devices
General Dimensions 101 x 101 x 25mm
Weight 257g