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Intel Reaches Legal Settlement with AMD, Pays 1.25 Billion
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Fri 13 Nov 2009

With an ongoing investigation of Intel's business practices by the FTC, lawsuits from NY's District Attorney and of course, the appeal related to Intel's massive fine by the EU still yet to be unresolved, it's going to get very busy for Intel's lawyers. That could explain why the chipmaker has settled its legal and patent issues with rival AMD, which includes an eye-popping 1.25 billion cash payment to AMD. Certainly, this cash will come in handy to keep AMD afloat for a while, especially since the company has just released its upcoming plans and it looks like it will be running on fumes until 2011 at least, when its latest CPU architecture is slated to launch.
Ars Technica - Intel and AMD are fierce competitors in the world of chipmaking, but in recent years they've taken the fight to the courtroom. AMD has sued Intel for antitrust violations (allegations that have been picked up by a number of governments), while Intel fired back by claiming that AMD had violated a licensing agreement for x86 technology. This morning, however, the two companies made a surprise announcement: they've reached an agreement that settles all legal issues between them.
Will this settlement aid Intel in its various lawsuits? Stay tuned for more updates but for now, you can check this out.