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NVIDIA to Announce Tegra: Computer-on-a-Chip solution
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Fri 23 May 2008

Yup, you've read right. NVIDIA is cooking up a new series that's not in their GeForce, nForce, Quadro or Tesla series and it could be a big stir for both AMD and Intel. From what we found out and hints from NVIDIA, the newly trademarked name "Tegra" seems to point towards a SOC (system-on-a-chip) solution. What we know to-date is that NVIDIA and VIA are joining hands to debut a sub US$45 platform, but it's really unclear if this is going to be named Tegra or some other new-fangled development that's been under-wraps.

Fortunately, we needn't wait long as come Computex 2008 on 3rd June 2008, NVIDIA will announce this new development of the Tegra branded family. Will it be a CPU-GPU combo chip or a new platform for the mobile computing space or a new device for handhelds or something completely unfathomed? The curtain will unveil soon enough in less than two weeks. So stay tuned as the Hardware Zone team prepares itself to set a temporary base in Taipei for all the latest developments direct from Computex.