Cybersecurity solutions provider Comodo chooses Acronis as its first cloud backup solution

Image Source: Acronis
Image Source: Acronis
Data protection leader Acronis has announced an agreement with Comodo, a developer of cybersecurity solutions, to incorporate Acronis Backup Cloud into the Comodo ONE managed services platform (MSP).
An MSP is a computing framework for delivering network-based services, applications, and equipment to enterprises and service providers. The new agreement is just the latest in a slew of new developments for the company, which recently announced a new data protection platform and partnership with ID Quantique to offer quantum-safe encryption capabilities to its cloud solutions.
Comodo is the largest issuer of digital SSL certificates for the Web, and the Comodo ONE integrated platform offers patch management, remote monitoring and management, and a service desk free-of-charge to its customers. The platform is also intended to help managed service providers replace complex multi-systems and eliminate tedious manual tasks by implementing standardized and easily repeatable automated processes.
Managed service providers will now be able to take advantage of Acronis Backup Cloud by accessing it directly from the Comodo ONE app store. Acronis will host and provide storage for global services offered through Comodo’s platform. The Acronis Backup Cloud module can be accessed by registering with Comodo ONE here.