ASUS' Zenbo Junior is a smaller, cuter companion robot for businesses

ASUS Zenbo Junior
Zenbo Junior is a smaller version of the original Zenbo, targeted at businesses.
ASUS' rotund Zenbo robot is finally getting a companion. Zenbo Junior is a smaller version of the original Zenbo, but the cutest thing about it is probably how easily you can pick up and hold it. 
There's been a shift in target audience this time as well. While the first Zenbo was marketed as a smart home companion for families, Zenbo Junior is being positioned as an AI-enabled robotics platform for developers, system integrators and businesses. 
It's more serious approach hasn't changed its adorable design though, and Zenbo Junior will still blush when you stroke its head. 
However, the Android-based Zenbo Junior now comes with extensive development tools, such as the Zenbo SDK (including SDKs for vision, speech, movement, and IoT) and Dialogue Development Editor. These in turn offer APIs for multiple sensors and allow developers to create specialized robotics applications more quickly and easily. 
In addition, it is outfitted with a remote management system that can be customized to fit various scenarios. 
Zenbo Junior has something called the Zenbo Management Console and App Builder Pro as well. These tools make it easier to create and deploy robotic business solutions, such as providing the ability to remotely manage multiple robot devices and create menu-driven interfaces for customer interaction. 
ASUS Zenbo Junior
Zenbo Junior is capable of multiple expressions.
Zenbo Junior can also be used for educational purposes. It comes with multiple programmable sensors and tools that students can use to develop an understanding of robotics. 
For instance, it is equipped with a line sensor that lets it navigate independently and follow lines. It can also avoid objects with programmable sonar and respond to touch interactions with different reactions. 
Educators will like the Classroom Management Console, which helps with the distribution and submission of teaching materials and assignments. It can even provide a platform for student and teacher evaluations. 
According to ASUS, Zenbo Junior is good for four to six hours of continuous use.