A fully decked out 16-inch MacBook Pro with 64GB RAM and 8TB SSD will cost S$8,619

Apple announced the new 16-inch MacBook Pro a few days ago and said that prices will start at S$3,499.
That's for the "entry-level" version — if you can even call it that that comes with a 6-core Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro 5300M graphics. It's a beastly machine.
But if you want to take things to the extreme, you can opt for an 8-core Core i9 processor, 64GB of memory, 8TB of SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphics with 8GB of GDDR6 memory.
If you do that, it'll cost you a whopping S$8,619.
Here's the breakdown of the upgrades:
  • 8-core Core i9 processor (+S$280)
  • 64GB DDR4 memory (+S$1,120)
  • 8TB SSD (+S$3,080)
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB GDDR6 (+S$140)
But if you compare it to the older 15-inch MacBook Pros, that's quite good value for money because you get double the memory and storage for about the same money.
Previously, a fully decked out 15-inch MacBook Pro will get you the same 8-core Core i9 processor, but with only 32GB of RAM, 4TB SSD, and AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics. That cost S$7,289.
Going farther back to 2018, the same fully kitted 15-inch MacBook Pro, also with 32GB RAM and 4TB SSD storage, will cost S$9,449.