Acronis will use blockchain technology to deliver tamper-proof data protection solutions

Image Source: Acronis
Image Source: Acronis
Acronis has announced an initiative to develop applications based on blockchain technology, with the end goal of providing more robust data protection solutions. The technology – the same as that used in the virtual currency Bitcoin – can help to guard data and transactions from external tampering, making it particularly valuable to organizations and enterprises for which data authenticity, privacy, and control is paramount.
A blockchain is essentially a data structure that enables the creation of a digital ledger of transactions that is then shared among a distributed network of computers. The system is based on distributed consensus, which means that once a block of data is recorded on the blockchain ledger, it becomes extremely difficult to change or remove. This is because copies of the existing blockchain have been distributed to all participants in a network, all of whom have to run algorithms to evaluate and verify the proposed transaction.
As a result, Acronis hopes to extend this level of security to individuals or businesses that absolutely must maintain the integrity of the original data. For instance, it is currently expanding its data storage, file sync, and sharing solutions with blockchain technology in order to better monitor data integrity and guarantee that it remains valid at all times.
Blockchain technology can have applications across multiple industries, and it can be used to protect data in things as varied as property and medical records, stock transfers, chain-of-evidence for court documents, and even security camera footage.
As part of the initiative, Acronis also unveiled a prototype solution to introduce its service provider partners and end user customers to the benefits of blockchain technology. The prototype showcases an example of how blockchain can be used to verify and protect data with timestamps and certificates of authenticity. It will also be made publicly available, in order to solicit more input on potential data protection use cases for blockchain technology.
Source: Acronis