Acronis Storage is the first to offer blockchain data authentication in a software-defined storage product

Acronis Storage
Image Source: Acronis
Acronis has announced the release of Acronis Storage, the world’s first software-defined storage product that employs blockchain-based data authentication and offers universal file, block and object support.
The new storage solution is designed to address the growing importance of data in businesses and the lives of consumers, which results in additional pressure on service providers to be accountable for the integrity, safety, and authenticity of this data.
Backed by the blockchain-based Acronis Notary technology and Acronis CloudRAID for configurable levels of redundancy, Acronis Storage is a universal solution for enterprises who require indisputable proof that customer data is unmodified.
The integrated blockchain technology enables the generation of a time-stamped hash – or fingerprint – of protected data, and stores it in Ethereum, a public blockchain-based distributed computing platform. These two fingerprints of the same data can then be compared, allowing businesses to verify the integrity and immutability of the stored data.
Furthermore, the CloudRAID technology means that each added storage node makes Acronis Storage more resilient to hardware failures, enabling faster recoveries and minimal downtime.
Most importantly, the company stressed that the new solution had already had its mettle tested in the field. It is based on the same cloud architecture behind the company’s existing global cloud infrastructure, which currently powers a global network comprising 12 data centers and over 50PB of data.