Acronis partners with ID Quantique to secure cloud data with quantum-safe encryption

Image Source: Acronis
Image Source: Acronis
Acronis has partnered with ID Quantique, a leading provider of quantum-safe crypto solutions, to provide its customers with protection against an expanding threat landscape.
The new collaboration will enable Acronis to bring quantum-safe encryption capabilities to Acronis cloud solutions, making Acronis the first cloud data protection solution provider in the industry to do so.
And as decryption techniques become more advanced and quantum computing becomes more common, the move will also ensure that companies are prepared to face future security threats.
Furthermore, as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, growing amounts of data are stored outside company firewalls and on employees own mobile devices. There is no reversing this trend, and Acronis’ newly acquired quantum-safe encryption capabilities will help prevent unauthorized access and data theft.
Acronis is even able to reap the benefits of the partnership as it’s now able to better secure its own customer data.
Security remains a top concern for IT departments in the adoption of cloud solutions, which is why Acronis remains confident that it is helping to fulfill a very real need for even more secure cloud backup solutions.