Acronis acquires DeviceLock, incorporates data loss prevention tech into its cybersecurity suite

Singapore-founded cyber protection provider Acronis officially announced its acquisition of DeviceLock Inc., a provider of data loss prevention (DLP) software. DeviceLock will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acronis, in turn making DeviceLock's DLP technology available within Acronis's suite of cyber protection tools, which already includes disaster recovery, antivirus capabilities, and its AI-based anti-malware features.
Data loss prevention is designed to prevent leaks at the source. In essence, it's a protection tool for insider threats, where the software prevents sensitive or critical information going outside of a corporate network. According to Acronis, two-thirds of data leaks occuring accidentally or deliberately via employees, contractors, and visitors of workplaces.
According to Acronis's press statement, DeviceLock's DLP technology will be integrated into the Acronis Cyber Platform, and is accessible via the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions portal. Acronis will also continue to work on newer versions of the DLP technology while maintaining full technical support. The technology will work with corporate Windows and Mac laptops, desktop computers, and virtualised Windows sessions and applications.